The different types of Pallet Wrap

When running a business, packaging is often the first thing a customer sees, while it’s the last step of the production line. A good stretch wrap can protect your package from dust, damage, and unwanted tampering. But it’s important to know the right type of stretch wrap which is suitable for your needs. The following is a selection of pallet wraps from a world-renowned manufacturer based in Bangkok.

M Stretch is a machine pallet wrapping stretch wrap that comes in multi-layer configurations. It combines different layer functionalities for optimum load stability, protection, and cost-effective solution.

M Stretch General Purpose

M Stretch General Purpose features a one-sided cling and has consistent quality. It is an economical solution with good puncture resistance. This pallet wrap is suitable for turntable pallet wrappers with relatively uniform load shapes. For heavier loads, heavier film gauge is stretched at a higher level.

M Stretch High Performance

M Stretch High Performance is formulated from high-performance polymers. These polymers provide high film toughness for both regular and irregular pallet load configurations. This pallet wrap features high film toughness, high stretchability, and high load stability.

M Stretch Premium Performance

M Stretch Premium Performance is formulated through the latest polymer technology, having high film toughness and providing opportunities in using thinner film or higher pre-stretched levels which lower costs per pallet. This pallet wrap features a high stretch level, the latest polymer technology, and is high quality with minimal film breakage.

M Stretch High Toughness

M Stretch High Toughness uses high performance and high molecular weight polymers. The stretch film is suited for irregular loads which require high puncture resistance or high load retention. This pallet wrap features excellent film toughness and is suitable for turntable pallet wrappers.

The Advantages of Pallet Wrapping

Having high quality pallet wraps is essential for wrapping parcels, boxes, containers, or other such products to be stored or transported. Stretch wrapping goods and products offers a few benefits including:


When using the right pallet wrap, it ensures that the packages are securely wrapped to avoid any possible damage from dirt, dust, or moisture. Properly wrapped pallets are secure from outside environmental factors which may cause damage to the goods.


Using a pallet wrap ensures that the packages are securely and safely wrapped to prevent any possible goods from falling as well as ensuring that the goods are safe and ready for transportation. Having a high quality, high toughness pallet wrap can ensure that your warehouse is safe from any possible punctures or toppling goods.

Improved Inventory Control

Wrapping similar products together allows inventorying to be easier. This also reduces the chance of product separation which makes inventory counts highly time-consuming. With the proper wrap, it can even be scanned through if using a scanning system.

Pallet wraps are a highly important component when dealing with transporting goods or products. Therefore it is essential to choose only the highest quality pallet wraps from the most trusted manufacturers.