Infatuated with the Scandinavian style? Check out these practical tips to bring Scandi into your bedroom

Norway, Denmark, and Sweden were lauded worldwide for their home décor prowess long before Ikea gained recognition as a household name. The various influences like boho and industrial, the bright colours, the low-key elegance and unparalleled simplicity defining the Scandinavian style capture homeowners’ hearts worldwide. However, there is a catch to the Scandi rooms that go beyond the striking style and aesthetically pleasing design. Some of the elements in the Scandinavian style emerged from the need for improved functionality and practicality in the rooms, as homes in that cold northern part of Europe don’t enjoy much sunlight, especially in the chilly seasons. The bright, light hues, together with elements of flair and minimalism, would bring the comfort and calmness that is now associated with this décor style.

Everyone wants a comfortable and inviting setting, and Scandinavians know best how to recreate this atmosphere. This minimalistic and clean approach can be easily recreated in a bedroom with expert-approved tips and tricks. As such, if you’re also besotted with the less-is-more approach of the Scandinavian style, several additions and modifications are enough to bring the desired effects into your place of sanctuary. 

Accommodating elements that create an oasis of peace

The bedroom is the one room in your home that mainly impacts your well-being and ability to be healthy and content. It may sound dull, but no one can deny the importance of sound sleep, nor can they underestimate the power of an effectively organized room that enhances relaxation and calmness. You need a haven of tranquillity where you crawl into your bed in a comfy pair of Canadian pyjamas and with your favourite book or series on, which is what the Scandinavian style is all about. Thus, whether you seek a complete overhaul or throw a few accessories here and there, regardless of the time and budget on your hands, you can add a touch of cheerfulness by making a few changes. Here are some examples from the most significant transformations to the most time- and budget-friendly ones. 

  • If possible, changing the furniture to a more practical and minimalist one will prove rewarding in terms of aesthetics and functionality of your bedroom. Scandinavian interior designs embrace a clean, simple, and minimal approach, which can be easily seen in the choices of furniture used. From the nightstand to the bed to the wardrobe, choosing a quality bedroom furniture set can boost the value of your room and make it easier to perform everyday tasks, as cleaning may also become more straightforward. 
  • Introduce accessories such as vases, mirrors, candlesticks, and jewellery storage in a Scandinavian style. Pay attention not to overload your room, as part of the beauty of this design is the lack of clutter and enhanced utility of the elements displayed. 
  • The Scandinavian room isn’t done without hygge, a term translating to comfort and warmth. The space will easily resemble those warm Nordic bedrooms by laying several natural and cozy textures, blankets, and sheepskins.  
  • Last but not least, the lighting has a significant say in how you’ll transform the ambiance and utility in your bedroom. Airy curtains and large windows facilitate light’s entrance into the room, while several lighting spots and fixtures will add to the room-expanding effect.

Beware the common mistakes people make when turning their bedrooms Scandinavian 

Indeed, trying to turn your home into a Scandinavian one can effortlessly fail if got wrong, despite all its simplicity that is hailed and praised. Incorporating it into your bedroom may be challenging if you don’t know where to start or what makes it work so well. As such, some innocent yet impactful mistakes may turn your décor game around, creating the opposite of the pleasant escape you look to recreate in your bedroom. 

Regardless of the grandiosity of your décor strategy, there are several errors you should be wary of when welcoming Scandinavian into your bedroom. 

  • Don’t abuse white. While Scandinavian rooms seem to be all about white walls, furniture, and accessories, they don’t suggest turning your bedroom into a hospital one. The Scandi colour palette relies heavily on white, but other hues are also covered, like warm tones of beige or grey, earthy off-whites, pastel blue, leafy green, and powdery pink. For instance, neutrals paired with marble or timber make the setting look more welcoming and friendly. When starting with this non-colour, gradually turning from a contrasting light to shadier colour and implementing some lively nuances of green or blue can create a soothing atmosphere.
  • Avoid using only wood. While the Scandinavian style makes plenty of use of natural textures, prioritizing quality over any other aspect, exaggerating with wood materials can easily ruin the feng shui of your bedroom. Stones, metals, and different quality finishes can build focus and stop the wood effect while boosting the sleep appeal inherent to Scandinavian patterns. 
  • Prevent too much minimalism. Scandinavian style is famous for its clean lines, simplistic approach, and decluttered space that embraces all sorts of minimal décor items, from candlesticks to rugs. However, just because this design has its roots in functionality and a muted colour palette doesn’t mean you should stay in a near-empty room. Save room for your favourite decorations and anything that brings joy to your tranquil space. 

Choose quality over quantity 

If there is something more accurate about the Scandinavian style, it is that quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to designing any room in the house. Practical, multi-purpose, and qualitative pieces are paramount when seeking ways to preserve the craftmanship tradition in Northern European countries. After ticking these off your list, you can resort to other functional details like fixtures and furniture and ensure the chosen pieces don’t overly ornate or create a suffocating space. 

Scandinavians highly appreciate Mother Nature, emphasizing this respect in their homes. 

Scandi countries boast a hard-earned and unique appreciation for nature, given the lack of resources people faced in history. This gratitude is showcased in their homes, so if you seek to recreate a Scandinavian bedroom to the fullest, including several nature-related elements should be a priority. 

Now, to what extent are you willing to go with your Scandinavian décor scheme?

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