How to Unclog a Vape Cart

The most unfortunate thing that could happen while vaping is to realize that your device is clogged while you’re on a balcony or the beach trying to enjoy and relax. A blocked vape pen puts a stop to vape-fueled pleasure right away and can be a real buzz killer by raising stress levels and possibly requiring you to get your hands dirty. To make matters worse, when a vape cart clogs, you might experience sticky palms and a mouthful of vape juice rather than a smooth hit.

Why do vape cart gets blocked?

  • Condensation Buildup

Condensation buildup in the cart’s airway is the primary cause of clogged carts. This condensation may eventually clog the mouthpiece, obstructing the passage of vapor as you inhale. You receive a blocked mouthpiece and a mouthful of unpleasant vape juice instead of a delicious blast of delta 8 THC.

Condensation accumulation usually becomes apparent before it gets out of hand. If you’ve ever taken a hit and felt a few tiny liquid droplets land on your tongue, condensation buildup is to blame.

As soon as you see liquid touching your tongue when inhaling, take immediate steps to unclog your cart to save yourself the future hassle.

  • Chamber Flooding

The second cause of a clogged cart is due to chamber flooding. When vape carts are left standing around for a while, chamber flooding happens. At room temperature, the distillate of delta 8 THC thickens. As it settles to the bottom of the cart, the distillate oversaturates the wick and “drowns” the coil.

When this occurs, the heating element (the coil) has trouble reaching the proper temperature to evaporate the liquid efficiently.

If your vape isn’t striking correctly and isn’t creating a thick enough cloud of vapor, you’ll notice this problem. You might also experience a scorching and burnt flavor when you take a hit. You should quit vaping immediately if you detect a burning taste or smell. The cart and contents could permanently damage if you keep heating a saturated wick.

How To Avoid Condensation Buildup:

Condensation buildup can easily be avoided. It would help if you established a strict regimen to guarantee the ideal outcomes when utilizing your vaporizer.

  • Take “DRY” Hits

Clearing the mouthpiece before each stroke is the second step in preventing moisture buildup. Before heating the coil to create vapor, take a “dry hit” on the cart. Without starting it up, pulling the cart first lets any moisture escape before the vapor enters.

Be careful not to push the trolley too far while the vaporizer is not lit. This could fill the chamber with water and soak the wick.

  • Hitthe Vape Every Few Days

With a cart full of delta-8 THC, avoid leaving your vape at room temperature for extended periods. Once you start using the cart, try to hit the vape once every other day or so to prevent the chamber from flooding.The likelihood of the wick and coil oversaturating increases the longer a primed cart is left idle.

  • Confirm it is not primed

If you won’t hit the cart every few days or need to store it for a while, make sure it isn’t primed. A primed cart shouldn’t be kept inactive for more than a week. To prevent degradation, ensure it is unplugged from the pen and stored in an excellent, dark location.

  • Take SMALLER Hits

Like condensation buildup, how you hit your vape is crucial in lowering the likelihood of chamber flooding. The wick and coil in your vape cart may become overloaded if you take frequent, heavy, and intense hits.

If you press down too hard on yourvape, the coil may have trouble vaporizing the liquid quickly enough to be inhaled. This may result in the coil flooding and the wick becoming saturated. Make sure to take small, fast strikes instead of big, hefty ones.

  • Check if there are any leaks

Your hhc vape cart may occasionally become loose, causing air leakage. For the cart to function correctly, it must be airtight. Ensure your cart is tightened before use because even a tiny leak might quickly overflow the chamber. If you use a refilled cart, this is highly crucial.

Incorrect loading of a refillable vape cartridge might result in chamber flooding. Ensure you don’t spill vape juice into your tank’s open center tube. This will immediately result in a chamber being flooded.

Flooding in the chamber might also result from over priming your wick. Saturate the wick of a new vape cart before using it by drawing vape juice through it without lighting it.

The wick will burn if you pull through the insufficient liquid, and the chamber will flood if you pull through too much.

  • Preserve your vape in an upstanding motion

This is crucial if you intend to keep your vaporizer in storage for an extended period. The reservoir’s contents may slowly leak into the element if the device were left upside down, obstructing it.You may avoid this altogether by keeping the pen upright and the mouthpiece on top of the pen.


Do not worry if you are here because your vape cart is already full. With our helpful step-by-step troubleshooting instructions, you may quickly resume vaping as usual. It’s not the end of the world.

STEP ONE: How to Remove Minor Clogging (CONDENSATION BUILDUP)

  • Forcefully pull the mouthpiece through. 

Pulling forcefully through the mouthpiece without starting up the vape is the first step to unclogging a cart with too much condensation buildup.

Usually, this removes the extra liquid built up in the mouthpiece. Even though it’s a quick remedy, the cart will probably jam up again if step two isn’t taken.

  • Drain all excess liquid

You’ll need to empty the cart of all extra liquid by cleaning the mouthpiece. Use a paper clip, a pin, or a thin piece of wire to do this.Be cautious not to scratch the inside of the cart when you carefully put the wire or other object into the mouthpiece and move it up and down and side to side to scrape out the sticky residues. Most of the accumulation should be removed because delta-8 THC is stringy, dense, and thick.

  • Release Trapped Remains

The third and final method should be helpful if you can’t completely clear the clog with a thin object. Order to remove any stuck-in residues in the mouthpiece involves heating the cart.

Don’t use a naked flame to heat the wagon. Instead, you can use a hairdryer to heat the cart gently or put it in a waterproof bag and soak it in warm water. Allow the cart to stand upright after you’ve heated it sufficiently so the extra liquid can settle once more.

The viscosity of the vape liquid is reduced by heating the cart, which makes it run off the mouthpiece’s walls and back into the chamber.

METHOD #2: How to Clear a Serious Cart Clog (FLOODED CHAMBER)

STEP 1: swivel the cart from side to side.

Flip the cart from side to side as you begin to repair a flooded chamber. This will assist in removing any extra liquid and distributing it evenly.

Step 2: Blow into the cart.

Blow through the cart after the first stage to remove any remaining liquid from the wick and the coil. If your cart is refillable, take the chamber out, drain the extra liquid from the coil, and manually wick it before putting it back together.To clear the flood, merely blow through the chamber. Never pull it through by inhaling, as this will further saturate the wick and worsen the issue.

STEP 3: Fire up the vape.

You can start the order vapes kelowna without inhaling once you’ve expelled as much juice as possible by blowing out the extra liquid. One to two seconds on the button should be plenty to evaporate the extra liquid without burning the wick. However, it’s vital not to overdo it.This ought should be sufficient to empty the inundated chamber. If you’re still having issues, it could be time to buy a fresh cartridge or a new coil and wick if your tank is refillable.


Vape clogs are a common problem. Even though there are techniques to prevent it completely it’s simple to neglect one of these procedures and experience some clogging.Fortunately, vape clogging is a relatively simple problem to solve. When the device is excellent, the ingredients are thick and sticky, but they become runny once more when heated just a little. This indicates that you can quickly clear the vaporizer by blowing it or heating it to melt the materials obstructing the airway.

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