Zeeroq.com What Is It Breach and Data Leak? Flagged for data compromise, leaking users’ email credentials, highlighted risks and lack of transparency.

Zeeroq.com is a parked domain that hosts links to several knowledge-based and news websites. However, its services are not what they appear to be. Since the beginning of 2023, Worldwide Reddit users have been reporting about a NordVPN notification that their credentials were compromised on Zeeroq.com! Let’s check more about Zeeroq.com What Is It Breach and Data Leak?


Zeeroq.com has several SANs. A SAN stands for Subject Alternative Name. The SANs, as part of the domain name, define the organization or entity and, together with the top-level, is called the second-level domain name, that is, Zeeroq.com. Its SANs include:


One of its SANs is speculated to be demo.Zeeroq.com, which is highlighted on github.com/hacxx-underground for leaking text file named – “demo.zerooqcom 226M mailpass [leakbase.cc].txt.zip” and a1eedc264466dcff5795b8b1bd4ccd80. The file is 2.02 GB in size. However, the file is available for premium members of nitroflare.com and rapidgator.net.

Leakbase.io, hybrid-analysis.com, etc., hosted combos.vip-hotmail.fr.txt from demo.zeeroq.com and NordVPN users’ credentials. Forums are not selling the files giving ideas to visitors for using emails for making online purchases! It is clear that user data was Pwned!


Zeeroq Creation: 29th/March/2008 at 13:20:50.

Zeeroq Age: 15-year, 10-months, and 13-days old.

Zeeroq Last updated on: 10th/May/2023 at 15:48:21.

Zeeroq Expiry: 29th/March/2024 at 13:20:50.

Zeeroq life expectancy: registration expires within 1-months and 19-days .

Business ranking: 62.9%↑.

Trust Index: 100%↑.

Place of origin: Tempe, AZ, US.

Suspicious Websites Proximity: 18%↑.

Threat, Phishing, Malware, Spam scores: Nil.

Backlinks: 101, including 30 linking websites and 50 do-followup links.

Domain Authority: 9/100↓.

Domain Ranking: 6%↓.

Page Authority: 28/100↓.

MozRank: 2.8/10↓.

Alexa Rank: 1,678,305↓, supplemented by 393,869↑.

Country Rank: 145,613↓(Netherlands), augmented by 31,897↑.

ISP: Bodis LLC, US.

Registrar: GoDaddy.com LLC.

IANA ID: 146.

Status of Blacklisting: Zeeroq is not blacklisted; accounted to review Zeeroq Data Leak.

Connection Security: Zeeroq uses a less secured HTTP protocol.

SSL Status: Its IP has an invalid validate OpenSSL/1.0.2k-fips mod_fcgid/2.3.9 certificate for the next 15-days.

Servers: Zeeroq relays its services using server Apache/2.4.6(CentOS) with IP, targeting 62971.bodis.com( located in the US.

Owner’s Identity and Contact: Censored using paid privacy services of Domains By Proxy, LLC.

Monthly Traffic: Zeeroq has an average of 113 visitors/month from the US(60%), Canada(13%), Australia(9%), the UK(8%), and Germany(6%), yielding a traffic value of $0/month.

Traffic analysis: Zeeroq has gained 24.6k visitors to date, with a 109.5% increase in traffic since January/2024; considered to note the spread of Zeeroq com Breach. The average visit duration is 00:00:14 seconds, with an average of 1.61 pages visited and a bounce rate of 51.39%↑.

Marketing channels: Zeeroq gets 96.89% of traffic directly1.23% from organic search and 1.88% from social media platforms, including Reddit(100%).

Demography: Zeeroq targets customers from the US(23.57%), the UK(9.98%), New Caledonia(7.99%), Canada(4.63%), Vietnam(4.57%), and rest 49.26% from other countries.

Performance: Zeeroq has a 611-millisecond fast load speed for its landing page of 142.9kB and an 88%↑ B-performance grade.

Physical Address: Unspecified.

Company number: Unspecified.

Email address: [email protected], an email address of Parkingcrew was mentioned. Parkingcrew is a domain motorization service provider helping Zeeroq.com to increase its traffic; accounted to unmask Zeeroq com Breach.

Contact person: Unspecified.

Privacy policy: Mentioned but pertained to Parkingcrew.

Cookies Policy: Unspecified.

Terms and Conditions: Unspecified.

FAQ: Not present on Zeeroq.

Newsletters: Not published by Zeeroq.


Pwned means your info, like passwords or emails, has been stolen by hackers.

Verifying The Status Of Your Credentials:

To check if your info was leaked, go to Have I Been Pwned(HIBP) and enter your email. If it shows red, your information was leaked.

Next Step To Safeguard Your Accounts: 

If pwned, first change your password using a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols. Use a different password for each account. Switch to two-factor authentication services for extra security.

Zeeroq.Com What Is It—Avoid Getting Pwned In Feature: 

To avoid getting pwned, change passwords often. Update your software regularly. Be careful about sharing personal info online. Check app settings to limit data access. Use different email accounts for various services. Use a VPN when on public Wi-Fi, and click here to learn more about credit card scams.

Social Media Links:

  • Reddit


Over ten websites and two YouTube reviews suggest Zeeroq.com is associated with significant data leaks. Zeeroq.com does not support customer reviews. Click here to learn about PayPal scams, as customer review websites related to Zeeroq’s user reviews included hacking forums but did not include Zeeroq’s ratings. Recent activities related to Zeeroq.com speculated about possible Malware.

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