when counted by the number of subscribers and the number of active users, the World of Warcraft constitutes one of the biggest multiplayer online games ever created. The massive influence that the world of warcraft still has on the global gaming community is intense. At any point in time, more than 30,000 players are actively indulged in playing the WOW game and this consistency in popularity has encouraged Blizzard Entertainment, the creators of the game to come up with newer and better versions for the game.


Popular versions of the WOW


As of now, around eight expanded versions of the world of warcraft online game was produced and launched. Although all of them gained massive popularity, it was the two initial expansions named the burning crusade and the wrath of the lich king (WotLK) which gained the best reception of all time. The impressive additions that these versions brought to the original game were incomparable and exciting.


The additions brought by WotLK


Numerous additions were brought to the WOW game by the WotLK. The chief one among them is the level increase brought about by it. Since the introduction of WotLK, the game used to have 70 levels. But by the launch of WotLK, it was raised to 80 levels.

The introduction of Northrend is the second major addition brought about by the WotLK. Northrend is a continent that is located in the northern part of the Azeroth. The shape of this continent is similar to a crescent and has several parts of it frozen under snow and ice. The players who have successfully finished level 68 can only have access to this challenging and adventurous continent and it would take much more than a beginner to face the wrath of the enemies in the Northrend.

WotLK also came up with the first-ever hero class in the WOW ever. Hero class characters are usually let to begin the game at higher levels, unlike the beginners who are supposed to start at level 1. The name of the hero class created in WotLK is the death knight.


WotLK dungeons


Dungeons and raids are the challenges or battles presented in the WotLK, which the players are supposed to go through if they want to proceed to the next level. The essential difference between dungeons and raids is in the number of players involved in the battle andthe nature of the battle happens.

Dungeons are battle content in WotLK that is being played by player groups of five each. The fight also involves both the general enemies and the bosses. Generally, it takes around 30 minutes for a single dungeon battle to be finished. The raid is a bit bigger than the dungeons. The raids are played by larger groups and the specific targets in the raids are the bosses. Raids can usually take a minimum of two to three hours to finish, depending upon the expertise of the group involved in the battle.

There are around 16 different dungeons present in the WotLK dungeons version of the warcraft game. Each of the dungeons varies in the nature and intensity of the challenges and the creatures present in it. The bosses of each of the dungeons pose different strategies before the player team, making it all the more difficult to emerge out as successful from the WotLK dungeons.


Leveling up fast in the WotLK dungeons


It is not that easy to level up faster in the WotLK dungeons. The creators have made the dungeons highly difficult for beginners to pass successfully through. Certain dungeons even consist of rewards that can let the player level up faster than regular dungeons.

Playing with pro team players can help even beginners to tackle the difficult dungeons present in the WotLK. But it would not necessarily improve the gaming skills of the player as he or she is just third-wheeling the game. Another possibility to tackle dungeons is to use third-party applications which offer to take you up to the advanced levels. But the major issue with these third-party apps is that safety is not guaranteed in the interaction with these apps. The player can be scammed or even subjected to malware when trying to depend on unreputed third-party applications to better the WotLK game.

One of the most used and successful methods to level up fast in the WotLK dungeons is buying a booster service from any reputed online service provider. This will enable the player to choose the levels up to which he or she likes to have the assistance of a pro player and the armors that they would like to have during the quest. The players can simply pay the prescribed amount and buy the service just like any other internet purchase. But the only thing that has to be paid enough attention to is in choosing a responsible and trustworthy service provider to avoid any scams or subpar service.




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