Life revolves around the river Danube

The river Danube begins in Germany and flows through nine other countries before spilling its waters into the Black Sea. The river Danube is the lifeline to all these countries and is the second longest river in Europe after the Volga. The river Danube is 2,850 kilometers long and of it about 2,415 kilometers are navigable. Whilst it is used to transport cargo up and down the river Danube is the main source of drinking water and is also used for irrigation in all these countries.

The river Danube is about 560 meters wide at Budapest, one of the widest compared to any of the other capital cities it passes through. This vast expanse of water created many logistical problems after the unification and administration of the three amalgamated cities of Buda, Obuda and Pest. Bridges were needed to cross the river Danube and there was only one when the idea was mooted to unify the three cities.

Today there are eight bridges strategically built spanning the river Danube at Budapest which facilitates convenient access between the three former cities for the movement of people, traffic and goods. These bridges add to the beauty of the city and its environs and are all spectacular in the evenings when they are wrapped in glorious lighting.

Everything in Budapest is conveniently located within these eight bridges ensuring easy access to all places of interest to visitors as well as locals.

The Parliament of Budapest

A danube Dinner Cruise in Budapest is all that you would need to absorb what this great city has to offer. The lifeline for this city is the river Danube and it would be so for every visitor who would set foot on this picturesque city. The Parliament of Budapest is the largest and tallest building in the capital city and stands testimony to the resilience of the people of Hungary.

Situated in the center of Europe and having had a tumultuous past due to the various political, economic and cultural conflicts that happened in this continent, Hungary has come unscathed from all of them. It is today a country waiting to be discovered by every discerning visitor and has much to offer, as it has a very rich cultural history.

Their seat of government the Parliament of Budapest is an edifice that stands on the banks of the river Danube and is massive and spectacular which every visitor to this city must behold.

Szecheyi Spa

This very spacious thermal spa is where you could rejuvenate your tired limbs after walking the streets of Budapest where you have many places of interest to visit. A walk along any of the eight bridges is sure to engulf you with a picturesque view of the city but after which you would need to relax in comfort and style wrapped around in warm pleasant and clear water.

Budapest Pub Crawl

An entertaining way to finish a memorable day in Budapest where you would be taken on a guided tour of the city covering four central pubs including some that are classified as ruin bars. If you are and ardent beer drinker this would be a splendid way of unwinding yourself and your friends who would join you to see what Budapest have on offer. Your guide would apprise you on some of the interesting happenings of the city in the recent times as well as of an era gone by.

Budapest Bike Tour

One of the most interesting ways of seeing the city, during a three hour guided tour. Access to bikes is well planned with biking lanes for easy movement even when there is heavy traffic within the city. The guide would take you through some of the best places in the city where other vehicles would not have access.

This is a very cost effective way of seeing the city of Budapest in its splendor and would also tire you out for a day well spent and to kick up an appetite to taste the richness of Hungarian food.

Vampire Walking Tour

These areas of Europe especially Hungary and some of the adjoining countries were obsessed with the creatures of the dark and most of them still do. If you are not faint hearted and want some adventure a vampire tour would be something that you would like to be on. It is definitely going to raise the hairs on your body but it would be an experience and to see what it was when Europe was gripped in a vampire scare.   

If you are lucky you could meet one of them in the dark corners in one of the medieval castles that still hold a scare for some of the Hungarians

Budapest Tuk Tuk Tour

This is another very economical and interesting way of seeing the sights in Budapest. An open Tuk Tuk with an experienced driver tour guide you could see most of the city in a few hours. This three wheel contraption would take you to places that a four wheeled vehicle would find difficult to maneuver.

Hungarian cooking course

If you are contemplating of taking something back home from Hungary it would be a very pleasant idea to take some of their culinary preparations. Hungary is known for their delightful gastronomic fare and have some great dishes which only they would be able to master but that should not put you off as you would be taught the finer points to some great culinary fare.

Danube Cruise

This is the ideal way to see Budapest at its picturesque best and would provide you with some of the best sights that this great city could offer. Cruising along the Danube would offer you an experience like none other and it is affordable too. You would just need to relax and take in the sights whilst leisurely sipping a drink and chatting away into the wee hours of the morning.