What is Keyboard and The History of the Computer Keyboard

A keyboard is an input device used to type text or enter commands into a computer or other electronic devices. It consists of a set of buttons or keys that, when pressed, send a signal to the computer to perform specific actions, such as typing a letter, number, or symbol.

The history of the computer keyboard dates back to the 1960s, when computer terminals were first introduced. These early keyboards were modeled after the traditional manual typewriter and had a similar layout of keys. Over time, the design of computer keyboards has evolved to include additional keys for special functions and to make typing more efficient and comfortable.

In the 1980s, the introduction of personal computers brought about a new era in keyboard design. Keyboards became more compact and ergonomic, with a focus on making them more user-friendly for home users. The introduction of the IBM Personal Computer in 1981 marked a major turning point in the history of computer keyboards, as it became the standard for computer input devices.

Today, computer keyboards come in a variety of styles, including ergonomic, mechanical, and wireless. They also offer a range of features, such as programmable keys, multimedia controls, and backlighting. Despite these advances, the basic layout of the keyboard remains largely unchanged, making it an essential tool for computer users around the world.

What are the types of keyboard ?

There are several types of computer keyboards, each with their own unique features and design:

Mechanical Keyboards: These keyboards use individual mechanical switches for each key, providing a tactile and audible response when a key is pressed. They are preferred by gamers and typists for their durability and responsiveness.

Membrane Keyboards: These keyboards use a flexible membrane under the keys, which provides a softer and quieter typing experience. They are often more affordable than mechanical keyboards and are a popular choice for everyday use.

Ergonomic Keyboards: These keyboards are designed with the shape and layout of the keys to reduce stress and strain on the hands and wrists. They often feature a split design and may have a contoured or angled shape for a more natural typing position.

Wireless Keyboards: These keyboards use Bluetooth or RF (radio frequency) technology to connect to the computer without the need for a physical cable. They offer a more flexible and portable typing experience, but may have a slightly slower response time compared to wired keyboards.

Gaming Keyboards: These keyboards are designed specifically for use with computer games and often feature additional keys, backlighting, and programmable macros to enhance the gaming experience.

Mini Keyboards: These keyboards have a smaller size and fewer keys, making them a more compact option for use with laptops or small desktops.

Virtual Keyboards: These are on-screen keyboards that can be used to input text on devices such as smartphones or tablet computers that do not have a physical keyboard.

Multimedia Keyboards: These keyboards have additional keys for controlling media functions, such as volume, playback, and skip.

The type of keyboard you choose will depend on your individual needs and preferences, so it’s important to consider the features and design that are important to you before making a purchase.

What is Corsair keyboard ?

Corsair is a well-known brand in the computer peripheral market, and they offer a range of keyboard for different types of users. Some of their popular keyboard models include:

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT: This is a high-end mechanical gaming keyboard that features Cherry MX RGB speed switches and customizable per-key RGB lighting. It also has dedicated media controls and six programmable macro keys.

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2: This is another mechanical gaming keyboard that features Cherry MX RGB speed switches and customizable per-key RGB lighting. It also has dedicated media controls and a comfortable wrist rest.

Corsair K60 RGB Pro SE: This is a budget-friendly mechanical gaming keyboard that features Cherry MX Red switches and customizable per-key RGB lighting. It also has a durable brushed aluminum frame and dedicated media controls.

Corsair K55 RGB: This is a membrane gaming keyboard that features customizable per-key RGB lighting and six programmable macro keys. It also has dedicated media controls and a spill-resistant design.

Corsair K40: This is a basic membrane keyboard that features six programmable macro keys and dedicated media controls. It’s an affordable option for everyday use.

Corsair keyboards are known for their high-quality construction and advanced features, making them a popular choice for gamers and power users. However, the type of Corsair keyboard you choose will depend on your individual needs and budget.

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