cc sites are useful websites. Even though most people do not know about these sites, people who visit the dark web stumble upon such websites. It is hard to find a cc site on the internet. However, one can find plenty of them on the dark web.

Usually, cc sites sell several things. These include all different types of information and details. However, the primary thing that gets sold the most from cc sites is a fullz. A fullz is a set of details. CC sites often sell this fullz in bulk on the dark web.

What are fullz?

In simple words, fullz refers to a complete set of information about a person’s credit card. This slang word is used in cc sites. Apart from credit cards, fullz of someone’s bank account and debit card are also available on cc sites.

Even though cc sites primarily sell only fullz, one can also find incomplete details if one wishes. In a fullz, the buyer will get complete details regarding the specific credit card, debit card, or bank account. Thus, they will get the CVV number, password, card number or account number, and other secondary details.

However, if one does not need all these details, one can also buy specific details separately. Since fullz contain more information than incomplete sets, they cost more than incomplete sets.

The slang term fullz is derived from the word full. Since full means complete, the word is slightly modified to refer to complete details. If one wants to buy a complete set of information, one must search for fullz.

How do cc sites acquire fullz?

Acquiring sets of fullz is not an easy task. Therefore, they cannot be acquired in just one way. Hence, cc sites have to use different ways to acquire fullz. Irrespective of the way the site chooses, the acquirer must have patience and great focus to acquire fullz successfully.

The first and most popular way of acquiring fullz is through the dark web. The dark web is a bazaar for many things not bought or sold on the internet. Most cc sites buy fullz in bulk from other sites of the dark web.

After buying this fullz in bunches of hundreds, these sites sell this fullz to their clients. CC sites sell this fullz individually to their clients. Hence, the rate of fullz is slightly higher than those bought in bulk. CC sites earn money from this difference between the bulk price of fullz and its price.

The dark web is the easiest way of acquiring fullz. In addition, it is also the quickest and cheapest way of getting fullz. If a cc site tries to acquire fullz through another method, it will need a skilled hacker. It is because only a skilled and experienced hacker can acquire fullz in bunches.

Such experienced and skilled hackers often charge a high fee for such work. The reason behind charging a high fee is that the task of acquiring fullz is very time-consuming. It takes hard concentration, patience, and strategizing skills to successfully acquire fullz.

Due to these reasons, most cc sites avoid acquiring fullz themselves. Instead, they just buy this fullz from another website and then sell this fullz to their clients at slightly higher prices.

However, if a cc site wants to earn a larger profit, it chooses the skimming method for acquiring fullz. The skimming method is also known as card skimming. In this method, an ATM skimmer is used to obtain the details of various credit cards and debit cards.

An ATM skimmer is a smart device that is carefully placed on the swiping line of an ATM. When a person swipes their credit card or debit card in the ATM, the ATM skimmer scans the card and stores all the information.

After the ATM skimmer reaches its swipe limit, the device is taken out of the ATM. After that, it is given to a skilled hacker who can read all the information stored in the ATM skimmer. The hacker then gives all the information to the cc site which then sells it to its clients.

Even though this is a lengthy process of acquiring information, cc sites use this method to increase their profit margin. This way they do not have to pay anything to another website. They just have to pay the hacker and invest in the ATM skimmer.

What are the contents of a fullz?

As the name suggests, fullz contains a complete set of information. This set includes the primary details of someone’s credit card, debit card, or bank account as well as its secondary detail.

For instance, a fullz of person’s ID card would contain the primary details like the person’s name, address, social security number, and password. In addition, it will also consist of secondary detail like the person’s date of birth, phone number, email address, etc. Social security numbers refer to the person’s ID number or passport number.

Similarly, if the fullz is of someone’s credit card, it would contain primary details like the CVV code of the credit card, the credit card number, the expiry date of the credit card, etc. It will also contain other secondary details like the name of the cardholder, the cardholder’s billing address, the cardholder’s phone number, etc.

This type of fullz contains both primary and secondary information of a document and is often more expensive than other types of fullz. Another type of fullz contains only the primary details of a document. This type of fullz is slightly less expensive than complete fullz.

Another type of fullz is called a dead fullz. As the name suggests, all information contained in a dead fullz is dead. That means that the details of the fullz are no longer useful for the client.

A fullz becomes dead primarily when the owner of the credit or debit card becomes aware of the use and decides to block the card. Due to this, the details can no longer be used to use the credit card or debit card.