A mattress is meant to provide you with high-quality comfort and a good night’s sleep. A comfortable mattress is one which provides support to the back part of your body, and feels relaxing. Of course, not all mattresses are made alike, they differ on the basis of price, quality, longevity and firmness. These are some of the important parameters to evaluate while buying a new mattress. Along with knowing your preference you must have an idea about the kind of mattress you are choosing. Hence choosing the appropriate mattress for yourself starts with evaluating various different products. 

By understanding the physical composition of a mattress, you can easily select the best one for you. In order to do this, asking questions is important along with making comparisons between the different products. Comparisons dig out deviations, how one mattress is better than the other and what are the additional features of it. In addition, when you know what you seek, there is a set of related questions in your mind which needs to be clarified. Asking questions makes the standard evaluation, and helps you to make the fair choice. Listed below are some of the important physical components to evaluate while choosing the mattress.

1.Mattress coils and spring

 Mattress coils and springs are responsible for providing back support. The wires in the coils come with different thickness, some are stiffer and firmer and some are of high-concentration which indicates high-quality. The hierarchy of mattress related to this factor is made on the basis of number. Where a lower gauge number denotes thicker and stiffer and a higher gauge number denotes good quality and firm mattress. However, it is not necessary that a higher number of mattresses is always good, it depends on the requirement of the customer. In case if you are suffering from lower back pain then the mattress of high-concentration is the best choice. Moreover, getting a better deal on a mattress, consisting of high-concentration features is simple, as there are so many existing and upcoming brands providing you with fair deals.

  1. Mattress padding– 

Along with the coils and springs of a mattress another important aspect to pay attention is the padding of the mattress. Padding is the layer of mattress which we feel on the back of our body. If you have an experience of trying various mattresses, then you must have felt difference in comfort. While some feels hard on your back, and some feels gentle on your body this is due to difference in padding of a mattress. The padding of the mattress is categorized as top, middle and lower. The top padding contacts with our body directly, it is the top most layer of the mattress. The middle layer is just below the top layer, which is made up of foam and finally the lower layer which rests on the base of the bed. Choosing a mattress padding differs according to the requirement, but the firmer mattress is always a good choice.

3.Mattress edges– 

The edges of the mattress are the corners which keep the mattress intact in its position. A mattress having fine edges fits the best on your bed and stays in its position, edges are important to give a mattress grip. It protects you from falling by keeping the overall structure in alignment, this way you will not end up falling from the bed during night. Regarding comfort, edges support and plays a vital role in keeping your whole mattress cozy and comfy. The edges play a key role in providing longevity to your mattress, good stable edges support the mattress structure, keeping the mattress construction and components intact for years to come.

4.Latex mattress– 

A latex mattress combines latex with either springs foam or reflex latex to provide a support and durable sleep surface. Latex is primarily used as the main support component of a mattress and it is soft enough to sleep on it directly, it gives a blend of comfort and durability. A pure latex without any added comfort provides a medium-firm mattress, which is cushioned and feels the best on pressure points. It dampens the effect of movement while sleeping, if your partner is moving and changing position then this will not hinder your sleep. Thus, it prevents you from feeling disturbance while sleeping and helps you to get uninterrupted sleep, so that you wake up feeling invigorated.

5.Mattress base– 

The base of the mattress is highly important; it provides the right level of support and proper ventilation. The right base of the mattress strengthens the life of your mattress, as the whole structure of the mattress relies on the base. It is necessary to have a strong base along with being comfortable, a strong base gives a proper structure and shape along with structure to the mattress. In terms of choosing the best mattress base, the flat base is highly recommended. The flat base will ensure the performance and the integrity of your mattress and it is not compromised, and protects the warranty. Moreover, the grip of a flat base is always better than any other type of base, as the mattress rests on a flat base without shaking or moving from its initial position. There is a wide range of bases available, from micro-suede and linen look to choose from, these are flat base mattresses with the best quality and higher integrity.


Sleeping is one of the most important activities of everyday life, a good sleep is effective to multiply your overall performance for the day without getting tired easily. A good quality mattress is hence important to provide you with an ideal quality and quantity of sleep. The definition of good quality and comfort can differ for everyone, but experts suggest that determining a perfect mattress for yourself starts with knowing the fundamental components of it and how they can be beneficial for you. Shopping for a mattress without having perfect knowledge will simply make you regret it later. Hence, when making an investment in your comfort it is necessary to have a close look at your preferences and the quality that suits you well.