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Are you interested in watching Adira Salahudi’s Viral Video? Do you used to follow her Instagram? People of Malaysia and Indonesia are looking for information related to her and the leaked video. Let us discuss the details through Adira Salahudi Viral Video Link post.


A video link of about 30 seconds is getting viral on social media. As per the information available, it is said that the alleged link contains a video of a Malaysian model and social media influencer Adira Salahudi. The clip contains sensitive content, which is why we are unable to share the link to this viral news here. However, we will provide you with all the necessary details through our writing below.

Nur Faiqah Viral Telegram


The video of Adira Salahudi that is viral on social media contains explicit footage of her engaging with a man. They have been seen sitting on a bed and romantically involved. The man was wearing jeans, and Adira was dressed in pink with a headscarf. The camera is placed in a way that it records everything, but the video abruptly ends. People started wondering why the video ended this way. This scandalous video has created a storm on the internet and is shared widely among various users.

Just likeNur Faiqah Viral Telegram video, which went trending previously, Adira Salahudi leaked news, causing shock and disappointment among multiple users. Adira has previously been involved in a good number of scandals this year. A local fashion brand called Deara sued her earlier in 2023 on grounds of defamation and breach of contract. Adira was charged for not endorsing the brand’s merchandise as per the agreement and for criticizing the brand on her social media accounts.

Who Leaked The Video Of Adira Salahudi Online?

As per online reports available, a hacker gained access to Adira Salahudi’s phone and leaked the video. The video was initially posted on a Telegram group, and later, Adira Salahudi Twitter Viral Videoalso became popular. After this leaked video, discussions concerning consent, privacy, and the consequences of public figures in the digital age have been predominant.

Some have, however, questioned the video’s credibility, speculating about possible edits or whether the woman shown in the clip is actually Adira.

What Does She Have To Say About Adira Salahudi Viral Video Link?

Nur Faiqah Viral Telegram

Adira preferred to be silent in this matter as she is already facing criticism from her online followers due to her lifestyle and hobbies. From sources, we learned that she denied all the claims about her and the controversies surrounding the video. She has also claimed it is an invasion of her privacy and harassment of how people react towards her.

In a surprising move, she deactivated her Instagram account, which had over 1.1 million followers. Her TikTok account is still active, but since the scandal broke, she hasn’t uploaded any new videos. Adira’s TikTok account has 148 thousand+ followers.

Nur Faiqah Viral Telegram Video:

Nur Faiqah Viral Telegram

Recently, a dance video of Nur Faiqah went viral from Telegram to other social media. It was shared among multiple users due to its shocking content. Hashtags on the name of Nur Faiqah gained momentum, and people started sharing their opinions on her. The video link has been searched by many, but it is unavailable because it has been removed for not following community guidelines.

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The Adira Salahudi Twitter Viral Video sparked online controversies and raised debate on the matter of privacy. We have not attached the link to the video but tried to cover every detail through this post. Adira Salahudi is a popular Malaysian personality with a huge fanbase. In such a case, the leaked video has impacted her differently. You can check Instagram live updates of Adira Salahudi here.

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