Since most things around us have already been digitized, Enterprises are in need to upgrade themselves as well. You’ll even find multiple of them hurrying to transition into online systems. But why not? Because usually, such digitally integrated systems tend to bring along a list of advantages that eventually attract organizations to try them out. A similar story comes from payslip, which is an initiative by the Government of Kenya. This online portal primarily supports an online payslip system that has made life for government employees way easier now. What it is about, how you can get started and all other important details are shared in this article. Continue reading here and you shall find it out:

About payslip

The government of Kenya has introduced the system of, which is exclusively designed for employees to keep track of their payslips. And not just salary details, but under this portal, you can also expect separate info sections for deductions and allowances.

Typically, government employees receive their account after their posting in their respective sectors begins. Besides that, the platform works like any other web-based system, with features like a friendly interface and a secured window. Such a considerate move further makes it easy for employees to get started and view details without having to worry about security. In addition, a person may download the payslip from anywhere and anytime.

Even accessibility is great and any device with internet is enough. If not anything, the least this portal does is reduce the circulation of physical copies and manual distribution, which used to be a lengthy process in comparison. Now that everything has been digitized, accessibility is amazing and that works in favor of every staff member.

Exploring the dashboard of payslip 

As you sign in and enter the site of, the first thing to appear in the dashboard. This dashboard offers an overview of the account and contains links to other features. Not only is this dashboard notable, but it is also quite user-friendly. So, navigating through things to access payslip details, and checking out basic salary, allowances, or deductions is a swift process, to say the least. In addition to that, the platform facilitates recent updates alongside notifications for payslip details upon a new event.

Notable features of payslip


The portal of comes with multiple features for its users, as that of:

  • Access to personal information: Your profile will hold a series of information, including personal details. You are free to view them all and update if needed.
  • History of payslips: Users are not confined to payslips from the current or previous month alone. Instead, they are allowed to check on payslips from long ago also.
  • Leave application: In case you want to apply for leave, you can do the needful via the online portal itself. Simply apply for it and then keep a check on the leave balance.
  • Notifications: This online portal also acts as a centralized place for employees. So, to make the most out of such a system, important updates and announcements from the government are shared through it.

Creating an Account on payslip 

To get started, it is important that you register yourself on, without any excuses. The overall process is simple and here is how you are supposed to begin:

  • Open your phone browser and open the Uhr. official page. 
  • The next step is to click on “Register” or “Create an Account”.
  • Then, provide all the relevant details, such as name, national ID number, email address, phone number, and so on.
  • Set up a password and username, and both should be unique and something that you’ll always remember.
  • Verify your phone number and email id and that’s all! 

Login process to check payslip

Now that you have your account created on, you can easily log in to view other important information. For the same, the process is as follows:

  • Reach out to the correct login page of
  • Fill up the spaces by entering a valid username and password.
  • Ensure that you have entered the correct details and click on ‘login’. 
  • If correct, you should see your dashboard in the next steps.

How to recover a password, if lost or forgotten? 

In case you have forgotten your password, there is no solid way you can turn the time around. However, there’s a ‘forget password’ option available that you can use in such cases. You can find the same on the login page. Just click on it and then, a new page with other important instructions will appear.


Anything that is inclined with digitalization, eventually becomes a pioneer for convenience and the same thing is happening with payslip. So far, it has helped thousands of employees and almost all of them are grateful for such a brilliant approach. At the same time, getting started and taking the initial steps become the biggest challenge for many. That is, accessing the site as a beginner can be daunting at first. This is why a comprehensive guide is a much-needed thing, and this blog particularly aims to bridge this void. So, if you are in the middle of an issue, just come back here to find the steps and everything will be fine!

FAQs About payslip

Q1. Who should use payslip?

Ans: is an online window, meant to offer a systematic place for government employees of Kenya. It was an initiative by the Kenyan authorities in the hope of eliminating the previously practiced complex process of collecting payslips. So, if you are working in the government sector yourself, this place will have something important.

Q2. Why is payslip important? 

Ans: The Kenyan authorities have launched an online platform for employees to access their payslips online. This initiative has turned out as a convenient move for users, who can remotely view, download, and manage payslips without any troubles.

Q3. How can you view the payslip details? 

Ans: To be able to track your payslips, you have to navigate to the platform first. Then enter your details to find your dashboard. You’ll discover every important detail and payslip viewing and downloading option from the dashboard itself. 

Q4. Does payslip offer support? 

Ans: Yes, does have a helpdesk to support users in need. It is represented by a team of highly qualified individuals, who are trained to resolve any kind of issue.

Q5. What to do if you forget the ‘username’ of your payslip account?

Ans: In case you forget your username, visit the HR department and mention your issues precisely. They’ll look into the matter, verify your details, check your username, and provide the login credentials back to you. 

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