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Do you know the details about the Thompson family extension? Is this story real or fake? People are searching for information about The Thompson Extension Real Or Fake. In the United States, this topic is currently trending because a series on YouTube related to this story has been posted. As of now, the story has 4 parts, and it first went viral on TikTok.


While many people on the internet question the authenticity of this case, the story continues to shock, horrify, and upset everyone. The story began when a family neighbor complained to cops about a keening sound coming from the house. The Police came to their home in 1985 due to a complaint from the neighbors, but nobody opened the door, and they eventually left.

Everyone found out that The Thompson Family Missing when a team from the Tax department came with a tax evasion notice for the family. It was unlocked when they knocked on the door, and they made their way into the house. What they found next was a horrifying revelation. The case is most likely fiction because its records are absent everywhere.


They felt appalled when they saw the house in a pristine state; everything was perfectly placed and decorated with unique things. Those amazing things had chilling vibes and looked scary. The case is over 3 decades old; thus, the pictures have ancient architecture, and people ask, is The Thompson Extension Real Or Fake?

Upon entering the house, they found a den/basement hidden with a large curtain. When they lifted it, they found a fully furnished room in the basement; inside one another, there were more rooms. Those rooms were never-ending, and Police kept founding one another room connected through each other.

The infrastructure was magnanimous and laid out in never-ending hallways and passages. Police then checked the official plan/map of the building, and they could not find the basement rooms or extensions on the map. This case is, thus, known as the ‘Thompson Family House Extension.’

Are There Any Of The Thompson Family Murders?

The family was never found since 1985, and no evidence of their murder, escape, or other crime was reported. They just vanished into thin air, and their home to this date is a mystery for everyone. The Thompson house has never been fully explored to date, and in the early 2000s, the expedition was suspended due to many unfortunate events with the different expedition teams.

There are many deaths related to this case, but some were so horrifying that they cannot even be mentioned in this article due to their extremely sensitive content. Many people went brain dead, and many died after leaving the house with horrific experiences they had inside the extension.

Is The Thompson Extension Real Or Fake?

The case appears to be a fictional story, and the death of several people related to the case might look real, but it is not. There is no further announcement or any news about this story. Thus, we have assumed that it is not a real case.

It is just a horror, fictional story for entertainment purposes. However, the events are present with precise dating in chronological order. As per the series, many different establishments started expeditions of the extension, but those were completed because of the deaths of the team members. A total of 4 episodes of The Thompson Extension Real Or Fake series are on YouTube.


In today’s article, we have discussed the details of a fictional case that has been trending on TikTok lately. This is a horror and shocking story of the Thompson family, who went missing in 1985 and were never found again. They left behind a mysterious house with a basement or a den with never-ending inter-connected rooms. Whoever went to explore the rooms and the den died mysteriously. If you wish to know more about this series, click here.

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Disclaimer: This article has shared details about a chilling case from America, The Thompson Family Extension. Please read with caution the case may disturb the reader. Additionally, we will only provide some details and filter the facts.