Windows 10 Disk Management Tool

I replaced a new SSD for my Dell laptop last week, and my purpose is to transfer all data except Windows OS to SSD, especially games. Because it can make my game run faster. I tried using Disk Management on Windows 10, but it doesn’t seem to have such a feature.

Later, I tried to find a solution on technical forums. With a nervous mind, I downloaded a free partition software called AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, which I heard is a software focused on disk management. To my surprise, not only is it secure and doesn’t carry any bundled software, but it also does the job well, far more reliably than other methods available online.

Also, I find it has many more useful features. So I wrote this review, the purpose is to share this good product with more people who need it, because it can effectively help us solve problems and save a lot of time.

About AOMEI Partition Assistant

When it was all over, I googled AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, trying to understand it better. I found that AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard is a product of AOMEI Technology Co., Ltd. This company was established in 2010 and is a company specializing in disk partition and data recovery backup. In addition, they have recently developed many new businesses, such as data recovery, remote control, mobile phone backup, and other products. From this point of view, the strength of this company is relatively strong and professional.

I focused on the product AOMEI Partition Assistant, which is an all-in-one disk partition management expert. You can understand it as a toolbox, which embeds many practical functions, such as disk cloning, resizing partitions, merging partitions, formatting partitions, deleting partitions, initialize SSD, etc., you can use it directly with a click. And, most importantly, its process is very simple. For a user like me who has no computer background, I spent a few minutes reading its operation prompts and then proceeded. During the operation, there is no confusion, because every time you click “Next”, it will tell you how to complete this step.

But you need to pay attention that AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition only supports some functions, because some functions need to be paid. For example, move Windows 10 to SSD, move installed programs to SSD, SSD secure erase, SSD 4K Alignment, and so on. If you need to use other advanced functions, you need to upgrade to AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. In addition, Windows Server users also need to switch to AOMEI Partition Assistant Server. If you want to buy cheap windows keys then visit this website.

How to use it – example

Having said all that, it’s time to let you know exactly how it works. I’m using the example of cloning a disk from HDD to SSD because it’s my personal experience and it’s benefited me.

First, you need to connect the SSD to your computer. If your SSD has not been initialized, you can use AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard to initialize the SSD.

Step 1. Download and open AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. Click “Disk Clone Wizard” in “All Tools”.

Step 2. Here, we can directly select “Clone Disk Quickly”, which supports cloning the used part of HDD to SSD. If you want to clone HDD to SSD exactly, please select Sector-by-Sector Clone.

Step 3. This step is for you to choose the source disk, which is HDD.

Step 4. This step is for you to choose the target disk, which is SSD.

Step 5. You can even edit the size of the partition in this step.

Step 6. Remember, you need to click “Apply” to generate the action. So don’t worry that you will have serious consequences for being late.


This is the whole process of how to clone HDD to SSD with the help of AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. After the cloning is complete, you can run the programs on the SSD, which is really convenient. That is why I strongly recommend this Windows 10 disk management tool for you. If you are interested, you can dig out more useful functions. I sincerely hope this product can be helpful to you.