It is significant to use a suitable mask with serious health care. But when it comes to some practices, the appropriate medical masks have not been taken seriously over recent years. For instance, health practitioners don’t mask when dressing wounds in most occurrences. 

Additionally, both the withdrawal and the use of surgical face masks are made awkwardly, which is unsuitable with evidence-based practice. Read on and learn why you should use surgical masks.


Loose Fitting

When it comes to Surgical Mask, it is a loose-fitting disposal item that creates a barrier between the nose and mouth of the users. It also protects the potential contaminants within the immediate surroundings but enables you to breathe comfortably. Surgical masks are the best used for acute health since they are regulated under 21 CFR 878.4040.

Besides, it is not recommendable for medical masks to be shared. This is why they are labeled as isolation, surgical, dental, or medical procedure masks. In some cases, they may be accompanied or without a face shield. It is best to note that not all face masks are approved as surgical masks.



When it comes to surgical masks, they come in different thicknesses and with the additional capability to offer protection against liquids. Also, these aspects may impact how easily you can breathe comfortably through the face mask. They will also determine how properly the surgical mask can protect you.

If a medical mask works correctly, it helps block large particles, droplet sprays, splashes, or spatter that may be composed of germs such s bacterial or viruses. The surgical mask will keep the germs from entering your mouth and nose. Additionally, surgical masks may help reduce your respiratory secretions and saliva to others.


Practical in Blocking Splashes

It will help that surgical best block large-particle droplets and splashes. But its design cannot block or filter microscopic particles in the air that may be transmitted by sneezes, coughs, or specific medical. Medical masks also do not offer absolute protection from germs and other contaminants due to the loss between your face and the surface of the face mask.

It is not recommendable for surgical masks to be used more than once. If your surgical cover is soiled or damaged or finds it difficult to breathe through it, it will help remove it, discard it safely, and replace it with a new one.

To safely discard your surgical mask, it is best to place it safely for replacement with a new one. It is essential to consider putting your used face mask in a plastic bag and dispose of it in a dust bin. As a requirement, you should always wash your hands with soap and running water after using the surgical mask.

Most significantly, it will help to note that surgical masks have numerically, depending on the barrier performance of the fabric. Level one is low barrier protection. This is best for general use, not sprays, fluids, or aerosol protection.

Level two is moderate barrier protection. This surgical mask is used for mild to low sprays, aerosol, and fluids.

Finally, there is level three. This offers the highest level of protection. This Surgical Mask is used for high risks or acute health protection.