The particulars of Tess Antonio Husband are available in this post to let people know if she is married or has disclosed her relationships.

Who is Antonio Tess? Is there any disorder associated with Antonio Tess? Tess Antonio’s roles are also well-notable, and people hugely liked her performances in many movies, i

However, she was once more in the news across the Philippinesthe United Arab Emirates, Canada, and other places for her private affairs, as she never disclosed her private affairs or relationships. Check more on Tess Antonio Husband in this post.


A Filipino actress, Tess Antonio is among the top crushed celebrities and holds a 42,266 ranking. People are curious to know the details of Tess’ husband since users are always curious to get the private affairs of celebrities. However, Tess Antonio has never disclosed anything about her Partner or family.

Users are always keen to know Tess’ appearance information since she is extremely beautiful and attractive. Numerous users follow Tess and continue watching her profiles and news to know more about her.


Tess Antonio is well-recognized for the 2007 released film, Kokey and continued gaining fame in all the movies she performed. Her famous movies include 2011’s popular movie Mutya and 2012’s popular movie Lorenzo’s Time.

A few additional movies that gained popularity due to the performances of Tess Antonio are Wildflower, released in 2017; Ang Probinsysno, released in 2015; and Love Spell, released in 2006. Her acting and performance in these movies added fame and popularity to this Filipino actress and the movie.


Tess Antonio has always remained active on her social media accounts along with her acting career. Countless fans follow her on social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, and other accounts.

More than 8.4k people follow Tess Antonio on Facebook, where she has created a page named Tess Antonio. Her social media profiles are well-known for the interesting images and footage she consistently shares.

The Social Media Content Of Tess Antonio:

The last post that appeared on Tess Antonio’s Facebook page was posted on December 25, 2022. Tess Antonio has posted a 09.39 minutes long movie clip and a hashtag along with the clip, #WishKoLangNinag. “Sinugod ang nanay kanyang inaanak,” Babae, was also mentioned in her video clip, since Babae’s content was aired on December 24, 2022.

An actress and commercial model, Tess Antonio is also active on Instagram with the profile name @tessantonio (Lyka: Tess Antonio). Her dating details, spouse, or family members are never publicly disclosed. More than 890 posts are available on her private profile, with most of them of her day outs and photographs.

Besides, she keeps posting about get-togethers and times spent with companions and dear ones. About 10.4k people follow Tess Antonio on her Instagram profile.

Tess Antonio Wikipedia:

  • Real name- Tess Antonio
  • Date of birth- November 11, 1978
  • Profession- Actress
  • Status- Undisclosed
  • Birthplace- Philippines, Quezon City
  • Age– 44 years

Social Media Links-

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter


Tess Antonio, a Filipino theatre and film actress, was in the news for her private relationships. She has performed well in several movies, including Love Spell. People admire her for acting, her performances, and her social media’s enticing posts.

Tess Antonio Husband

Did you see “Love Spell” by Tess Antonio? Share her role and performance level in the movie.

Tess Antonio Husband: FAQS

Q1. Who is Antonio Tess?

An actress

Q2. Where is Tess Antonio from?


Q3. Which Tess Antonio’s movies are popular?

Wildflower, Love Spell, and Ang Probinsyano

Q4. Does Tess Antonio have a Child?

No details available

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