After industrialization, gas and oil products became essential for a nation’s growth. These things are so involved in our lives that we cannot imagine life without them. Thus, a nation must provide the appropriate supply of these products. The Indian government understands the need for these products for individuals and businesses. Therefore, the Indian government launched the portal with the collaboration of the Indian Oil Corporation Limited and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas login.

In this article, you will get detailed information regarding the SDMS portal, its benefits, the registration process, the login process, and other valuable things.

What is the Portal? is a joint venture of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Indian Oil Corporation Limited to provide gas and oil services to Indian individuals and businesses. This portal allows individuals and companies to find dealerships and distributorships of gas and oil services. The portal comes under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas regularities, which enhances its authenticity and genuineness. If any individual or business faces any issues, there is a feature on the portal where they can get the proper support from the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and get their concern resolved.

How To Register On 

Before jumping into the registration process, let’s understand who can register on this portal. Since it is not available for everyone, the individuals who can register on this portal are dealers, distributors, and businesses that deal with petrochemicals, natural gases, petroleum, crude oil, and more.

The registration process on login is quite different from other similar portals. First, an individual must communicate and share the business details with the Indian Oil Corporation Limited through their registration portal regarding their line of business on the Indian Oil official website. The essential components are:

  • Line of Business
  • Industry Category
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Account Name
  • Mobile Number
  • Email Address
  • Designation
  • Department
  • Address one
  • Address Two
  • Zip Code
  • State
  • District
  • City
  • Remarks

After that, the Indian Oil Corporation Limited verifies the details provided by the individual and proceeds further with the application and registration process. The registration process takes up to 10–15 business days after the submission of the required documents.

How to login?

Once Indian Oil Corporation Limited finishes its verification, it gives the username and the temporary password to the individual. Now, it’s time to login. Here are the steps to Login on

  • First, visit the official website of SDMS.
  • Mention the User ID and temporary password given by the IOCL
  • Change the password, and it is done.

How To Reset The Password On

It is very effortless to reset the password for the login. To reset the password, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the official website of the SDMS portal.
  • Click on the Forgot Password link.
  • Enter the user ID.
  • Click on CONTINUE

The SDMC portal sends a web link to reset the login password. The portal also allows users to set up 2-step verification for additional account security. Hence, while resetting the account password, keep the registered mobile number to yourself.

Top Advantages of SDMS Indian Oil Portal 

The login opens doors of opportunity for individuals and business owners. Here are some of the key advantages of the login:

  • Helps To Manage Business:

There are various products of gas and oil. Hence, businesses used to face challenges while working. With the help of this portal, companies can easily manage multiple gas and oil products in one place. It also reduces the number of errors and mistakes. Because the consumption of these products is so high, a minor error can cause the loss of millions of rupees.

  • Let’s Understand The Financials of Business:

Before the portal, it was difficult to understand the financials of such kinds of businesses. Hence, business owners need to hire people with certain types of skills. After the launch of these portals, business owners and individuals can understand the financials of this business without additional financial skills. It enhances business growth and the supply of these products to the common man.

  • One-Stop Solution:

This portal allows individuals to manage the various products of oil and gas in one place. Now, it is easy to manage these products without jumping from one portal to another. It reduces the time and effort of businesses and increases the growth of these businesses.

  • Cash Memo:

Cash memos are one of the vital things to drive the business successfully. The SDMC portal allows individuals to create and transfer cash memos without physically visiting there.

  • Easy-to-Use Interface:

The well-designed portal lets even a novice person navigate the features easily. The user interface of SDMC allows users to use the advanced features of this portal with ease.

  • Secure Portal:

Since the portal contains confidential information about various businesses, it takes special measures to protect user data from any breach. For any dealer or distributor of natural gas and oil products, this is the best platform to increase their reach with customers.

  • Two-Step Verification:

The SDMC portal also offers two-step verification security features to the user. It allows users to set up two-step verification on the account for enhanced security.


The login provides endless benefits to individuals and businesses. It reduces the number of errors and increases the availability of natural gas and oil for Indian citizens. Enterprises that deal with natural and gas products and services can register on this platform and provide better services to their customers.

Besides, this portal offers endless advantages for businesses. For example, they do not need additional financial skills to operate the platform and get everything under one roof. Thus, we can say it is the best portal for natural oil and gas product distributors and dealers that provides top-notch services to its users across India.

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