Praxis is a top-grade healthcare platform that claims to be a partner of medical practices instead of acting just as a third-party solution. In this guide, we will reveal to you how Praxis makes up for this claim. You will know if it’s just a medical tool or a reliable healthcare partner. We will also cover Praxis vs Ezderm analysis as many caregivers contemplate which solution is best for them. So, why waste time? Let’s get started with this impressive Praxis EMR guide.

The Roots of Praxis EMR 

Praxis is now rated as the number 1 EHR solution. But it hasn’t always been one. The vendor struggled hard to achieve this rank and is persistent in keeping it this way by pleasing all its clients. With an AI system embedded inside, Praxis has become one of the fastest and easiest-to-use healthcare platforms. It is intended to add value to the care services and thus comes with a no-template interface.

The roots of Praxis EMR software lie in its intentions to deliver the best-of-all care services. Thus unlike many other EHR programs that hinder the efficiency of clinicians, it doesn’t lower the quality of medicine. On the contrary, it harnesses the power of intuitiveness and pairs it with innovativeness to ensure patients get optimal care services. Praxis EMR gives providers the freedom they seek to practice medicine the way they want.

Simply put, Praxis is an intuitive AI-driven solution facilitating clients with its no-template interface and giving them the freedom to work however they deem fit.

Practice Medicine Not Administration 

The motto of Praxis EHR is to create a stress-free clinical environment. Practitioners and administrators must focus on the patients instead of the day-to-day operations for a practice to run successfully. Patients seek attention, and this attention is the driving force behind their satisfaction. Therefore, satisfying customers is a no-brainer with Praxis EMR as per its reviews.

The vendor deals with all administrative processes from appointment scheduling, to invoice creation. Thus, providers using Praxis EMR know there’s no need to worry about how well the clinical operations are running. Reviews illustrate that Praxis EMR holds itself accountable for maximizing reimbursements by automating the revenue stream. As for patient check-ins and check-outs, this too is dealt with care and automation.

Why Praxis of All EMR Software?  

To answer this question, we will refer to the reviews of Praxis EMR. Learning about this software from the clinician’s perspective will help you digest this concept easily. So, here’s what users say about Praxis EMR in the reviews:

“Praxis is a model of efficiency.”

We can’t say otherwise. Praxis is not just a trendy buzzword. The EMR proves its worth by taking the efficiency level of care practices to the next level. It offers mobile documentation and task-handling capabilities to maintain a consistent pace for practices. By doing so, the software improves the efficiency of all care organizations.

“Care professionals embrace effectiveness by implementing Praxis EMR.”

Its voice recognition, instant charting, and patient summary creation services create an aura of professionalism in the examination room. It enables providers to conduct effective diagnoses with utmost accuracy. Almost all reviews state that Praxis boosts its staff effectiveness by equipping them with automated administrative functionalities.

“With Praxis, we embraced the better patient experience.”

Praxis EMR is highly usable in all ways. For instance, it molds patient experiences into somewhat interesting and thrilling medical practices. Moreover, it nurtures happier patients increasing the chances for independent physicians to gain more leads. Of course, you can also embrace this by availing the valuable specs of this potent EHR solution.

There are much more reviews hold about Praxis EMR and its true capability of shaping clinical norms.

Why Switch To Praxis? 

Concept processing

Concept processing is all about its AI approach. The vendor processes how a user thinks and adapts its features to his personalized style. The same goes for you.

Smart Agents: 

Praxis comes with the smartest agents that behave on behalf of caregivers. For example, they send timely reminders to patients, create alerts for clinical events and keep colleagues engaged and updated all the time.

Intelligent Advisories 

One more reason for you to switch to Praxis EMR is its intelligent advisories. They support medical decisions following all treatment protocols.

What is Ezderm EMR? 

As we mentioned, we would conduct a Praxis vs Ezderm analysis. However, first, you need to know the basics about this solution.

Ezderm is an intuitive EHR system that deals with the needs and requirements of dermatologists. This cloud-based solution is loaded with endless mobility to speed up clinical operations. It takes pride in featuring 3D body maps so dermatologists can get a better perceive patient cases. Ezderm software even captures diagnostic images that are uploaded to patient charts automatically.

Besides this, Ezderm EMR supports documentation and automated coding capabilities. It is equipped with ICD-10 and CPT codes. What’s more, is this realistic dermatology-specific software comes with a pharmacy geolocation service. It helps physicians identify patients’ preferred pharmacies and allows for PQRS-supporting reporting with an in-built PQRS medical dashboard. This is one reason why Ezderm software is a dermatologist’s first choice.

Praxis EMR vs Ezderm EMR: The Analysis 

The point of presenting this analysis here is to clear out the queries of healthcare practitioners. We have often found care professionals like you lurking around seeking a straightforward answer to Praxis or Ezderm EMR software. Praxis is your go-to if you are running a multi-specialty practice. It masters addiction medicine, immunology, anesthesiology, infectious diseases, and many other independent practices.

As for Ezderm software, it is just a dermatology-specific solution. Praxis EMR differs greatly from Ezderm as the latter doesn’t offer a no-template interface. Besides these two differences, Praxis supports automated quality reporting with Datum. Also, it provides an exclusive module for researchers and billers instead of just tending to care providers. Ezderm doesn’t offer these advanced services. Thus,

The decision is simple. Ezderm is your best bet if you are a dermatologist, as it is specially designed on the dermatology interface. If not, then go for Praxis EMR, an all-rounder and tech-savvy EHR platform.