In the era of digitalization, where we are totally depending on internet & wi-fi for the communication, work & our studies. You must have accounts on the different platforms of social media such as facebook, instagram, whatsapp, twitter, telegram, etc. Your friends & family members also have accounts on these apps. These apps provide you access to watch the pictures, posts & stories they post on social media. But they all get to know about this thing that you have watched their story & posts. You always have wondered to see their posts & pictures without letting them know? In this content you will get to know about all such things. How you can keep an eye on your friends & family member’s account without knowing them. Here is a French site named as Picuki or you can say a spying website that will help you to watch everything related to the people that they post or upload on social media.

What is Picuki?

Picuki is an website that was made by Franchise. It’s an app that provide access to people’s instagram account where you can like, comment & follow any person. The people you follow on instagram through Picuki will not even know about it that you are following & liking their posts. 

Picuki is the most searched website. Why?

As everyone need topics for the gossips. Everyone want to peep their nose in other’s matter without letting them know. So this website provides all these facilities to fulfill our greed. People use this website to watch what their loved ones are posting & doing on social media. If you are a person that wants the latest topic to talk on then you can use this website.

What other features does Picuki provides?

Picuki is a photo editing website. You can edit your pictures here for free before posting them on any social media platform. You know editing is one of the most important thing that is needed to enhance the quality of your picture. Editing can transform a random boring picture to the most attractive & unique one.  You can enhance the quality of your blur picture through this editing website. 

Advantages of using Picuki 

  • You can keep a track of your loved ones, what are they doing & posting on instagram.
  • You can follow them & they will not even know it.
  • You can easily edit your pictures on this website.
  • Picuki provides a lot of different functions that users really like.
  • Picuki is an easy to use website that anyone can use without knowing any skills. 

Disadvantages –

  • It’s not a trusted website.
  • The information that you provide here is not safe.
  • You can only view the posts, reels & stories from the accounts that are public.
  • This will not help you to watch the information of private account. You will have to follow those private accounts to watch their reels & posts.
  • This website is not legal.
  • Picuki is not working properly nowadays. 


Although, Picuki is gaining lots of popularity among the people in the different parts of the world. But then also this site is not worth to use as a spying website. As it only provides access to the public accounts. But if you want to use it then you can use it for the editing purpose. Youcan edit your pictures for free in Picuki. There are lots of options provided by Picuki that you can use to enhance the beauty of your picture to get more likes & views. It will enhance your engagement & reach.