When it comes to personal assistants, the first thing that comes to our minds is an individual that works under a successful celebrity or a bigshot CEO. Although there is no denial of the fact that all the famous and rich people hire a personal assistant, some solopreneurs in the present day also hire a PA to get a whole lot of things done.


In the present day, the services of a personal assistant can be customized or individualized in order to fit a good number of requirements of the hirer. Nowadays, personal assistants can be found working for a host of people in a wide range of industries, along with some of them even working for their hirers remotely.


Now, let us have look at some basics before we answer the big question, “Why hiring a personal assistant will make sense?”


Who Is A Personal Assistant?

A personal assistant basically refers to an individual or person that offers organizations, companies, or other individuals relief from some millennial tasks so they can focus on the important tasks ahead of them.


Why You Will Need To Hire A Personal Assistant?

If this article persuaded you for reading it, then you have definitely been wondering about hiring the service of a personal assistant in or near London.


In our daily lives, we often skip a lot of things on our to-do lists because of the daily hustle and bustle in our lives. If you feel this happens to you often, then the perfect solution for this issue will be to hire a personal assistant for yourself.


Having a personal assistant by your side will enhance your productivity which can usually get disrupted due to daily workflow. This simply means that an individual alone would not have to take charge of all that is happening around them.


From helping you run as per your daily schedule to ensuring you never miss any appointments, a good personal assistant will have a hugely positive impact when it comes to your personal life. Be it learning all about your personal preferences to helping you pick some thoughtful gifts for your loved ones, there is so much a personal assistant can help you with.


What Does A Personal Assistant Bring To The Table?

Personal assistants can do lots of things for you. While the job description of a personal assistant will vary depending upon the employer, there are some key skills that every personal assistant or executive assistant should know about. Some of these skills have been described in detail below:


  • Organisation & Management Skills: A good personal assistant should know not only about keeping things organized but also about scheduling them for you. They should definitely know how to multitask things for your personal comfort.
  • Discretion: A personal assistant will be having access to pools of highly personal or confidential information. So, hiring the right person who knows how to keep things confidential is key.
  • Pay Attention To Details: A personal assistant should be aware of all the things they speak and take any important mentions from a V.I.P.
  • Good Written & Oral Communication Skills: A personal assistant should have the knowledge to always understand your emotions and instructions. And, he should not just understand the instructions carefully but also pass on all the essential information clearly.
  • Flexibility & Adaptability: A personal assistant should always be someone who is flexible and should be able to adapt to the situation quickly.
  • Computer Skills: All personal assistants in the 21st century should have the patience to use tools like Google, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and more.


What All Will A Personal Assistant Do For You?

Just like we mentioned above, every personal assistant is unique. Each personal assistant can perform a good deal of tasks for you. However, below we have mentioned some of the most common personal assistant duties. In order to give you a good idea about why hire an executive assistant for yourself.


  • Calendar Management: A personal assistant needs to manage their client’s calendar, and organize appointments and meetings for them. He or she should help their client stay productive and complete all their tasks in time.
  • Correspondence: In most cases, it is the personal assistant that will act as the main contact point between your potential clients and you. He or she will be the main person handling all the calls, sending emails, and also receiving them on your behalf. For this reason, a personal assistant needs to have an eye for detail and also strong communication skills.
  • Administrative Support: There is a lot more work than a personal assistant will generally do for you apart from handling calls and managing your calendar. He would be your go-to person for the preparation of documents, notes during meetings, and also the main person to assist with all the ad hoc tasks as part of administrative support.
  • Personal Life Maintenance Support: Some personal assistants also help their hirers by managing some of their household tasks and errands. From doing grocery shopping for their hirer to picking up their children from school, they can do a lot of daily chores for their hirer. Hiring a virtual personal assistant will never bring so many benefits.


Where Can You Hire A Good Personal Assistant In London?

Whether you have been looking forward to hiring a full-time personal assistant or short-term personal assistant services, there are numerous websites and companies that will help you find a personal assistant out there. However, relying on the best personal assistant hiring agency such as the London Staff Agency will help you find the best personal assistants London.


Wrapping Things Up!

Now that you know all about why hiring a personal assistant in London will make sense, it is time to focus on hiring your first-ever personal assistant. With the right personal assistant by your side, there are a whole lot of tasks that you can accomplish including ones like growing your business. And, also get a good amount of time to spend with your friends and families on the weekend.