A one-and-done solution to menstruation is often a convenient option for many. That reminds us of the period undies taking over the regular supplements to menstruation. These are designed to absorb the menstrual blood and keep you comfortable. Looking for all the need-to-know aspects and brands for period undergarments? We’ve got you covered. 

Period Underwear: 

Though it seems a little different, period underwear is the new normal now. Most of you reading this might have already tried various ways to stop the leakage of your menstrual blood. Usually, menstruators use various things like pads, tampons, cups, etc., during their cycles. The problem with them is the potent dangers and irritation they can cause when used. 

Period undergarments are usually an environment-friendly option and safe when compared to their colleagues. Available in different shapes and sizes, these undergarments are a feasible option for many. Period undies are specially designed to absorb the menstrual blood while keeping your skin away from this moisture. Here is a quick delineation of the design of these undergarments. 

Inner Layer – this layer is responsible for wicking the moisture off your skin. It is the layer that comes in contact with your skin and is made of breathable and smooth fabric. 

Absorbent Layer – this layer is made of cotton and lies beneath the inner layer. It traps the moisture and keeps your skin irritation-free. 

There is another deep-absorbent layer that blocks the unpleasant odor and provides additional protection against leaks. 

Outer Layer – this seamless and smooth layer of the period undergarment is what makes it similar to normal underwear. Its waterproof property ensures proper locking of the moisture and prevents leakages. 

These layers might give you a feel that period undergarments are bulky and uncomfortable. However, these are extremely thin yet efficient. Their absorbent properties have nothing to do with their thickness. No wonder why these undies are so comfortable! 

Why Use Period Undies? 

Great question! Most of you reading this might be used to the regular sanitary pads and tampons giving you a bulky feel. Adding to this is the irritation and vaginal discomfort. So, it’s high time that we shift to a safe, skin-friendly, and environment-friendly alternative, the period underwear

The absorbent layers of these undies take care of the leakage and provide all the comfort you are looking for. However, you’ll need to choose the appropriate one based on your flow and convenience. Most period undergarments are equivalent to around four tampons worth of flow. Hold on! There’s more to it. 

Period undergarments are an affordable and feasible option when compared to other menstrual supplements. Usually, a menstruator spends around 18-20 thousand dollars on average for buying reusables. You can see how much money can these undies save! 

  • These are curated with smooth, breathable, and light fabrics to provide utmost comfort. Their ultra-absorbent properties perfectly lock the liquid and moisture inside the filaments. 
  • These undergarments are washable and reusable. On proper usage, these can last up to 3-4 years. 
  • Period undergarments are easy to use. You can wear your period undie just like your normal underwear. 
  • You don’t have to worry about leakage or irritation, for these undies can last for 12 hours straight. 
  • Moreover, you can wear period undergarments throughout your cycle. Physical activities like traveling, exercising, etc., are also convenient when wearing these undies. 

Well, various other benefits of period undergarments await the users, apart from these. Can’t wait to try them on, right? The following are the different choices of period undies from various manufacturers. 

Types of Period Underwear: 

The design and construction of these undergarments are the same throughout. However, the only noticeable difference is the level of fluid absorption. So, you can pick the appropriate one based on your flow. 

Light Flow – the first type of menstrual underwear is for light flow. Menstruators experiencing light blood flow can pick these undies. Moreover, you can try these on when your cycle is just about to commence or end. 

Moderate Flow – these undies work when your body is subject to a moderate flow of menstrual blood. The absorbent layers in this type are more compared to the light flow model. 

Heavy Flow – this type of period underwear works for those perceiving heavy blood flow during their cycle. Moreover, this undies’ type is appropriate for anyone irrespective of the flow. In case you are unsure about their work, you can try the heavy flow ones to avoid leakage stress. 

For now, we know what is a period undie and its choices. But how do we pick the appropriate undergarment? Here’s how to pick the suitable period undie. 

Choosing Your Undie: 

Everyone’s menstrual flow is unique. Naturally, various factors influence and can help pick the right period undie for you. Have a look.

  • Flow 

The first thing, of course, is your flow. As you can see, different undies are available based on the blood flow. Various websites usually help know your flow by providing detailed information or through surveys. You can pick the undies accordingly. 

  • Purpose 

The obvious purpose of period undergarments is to absorb the menstrual blood. Purpose in this context is a completely different scenario. You’ll need to consider if you’re wearing the undie at night or during the day, physical activities like swimming, sports, etc. These undies come with additional features based on the purpose, and so you can buy accordingly. 

  • Price 

Another aspect to consider while buying a period undie is its price. You can find various options for these undergarments in the market. Moreover, you can find various pieces intended for a similar purpose and work for the same level of blood flow. In that case, price plays a crucial role. Choosing reputed and trustworthy brands can help you grab top-quality undies at affordable pricing. Q for Quinn Inc. has some great collections of organic cotton women’s underwear to check out.

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