Traditionally, smokers bought larger bongs to cool the smoke. But now that we have percolators, we can get cooler air thanks to the 6″ bongs. The percs works by taking up a lot of small holes and expelling the smoke through it. Modern percolators also include small tubes to cool the smoke by increasing the distance.

Purpose of having a Percolator Bong

One of the trendiest things for bong users nowadays is having some sort of a percolator. Once disassembled, you can add the percolators you already own, but it’s easier to buy a bong that has one already.

The main purpose of having a percolator on the bong is to reduce splashing in the mouth, cool the smoke, and use it as an additional filter source.

Percolators can be made in different sizes, shapes, and patterns. The main role of the perc olator is to make multiple bubbles when hitting from the bong. The more the bubbles form small, the better the smoke is cooled and, filtered so the hit is smoother, less irritating, and cooler.

One of the challenges you will face is deciding which type of percolator is best for you. Here are 10 examples of the various percs to choose from and how they differ.

  1. Inline Percolator

Inline percolators can provide the distinctive, rugged hit that most smokers are looking for. It is a glass horizontal tube with several slits. The more the number of slits the inline percolator has, the more smoke, air, and bubbles will propagate as it passes through each slit.

  1. Diffused Downstem Percolator

The diffused downstem perc can be considered as one of the simplest of all the percolators available, but it is also very effective in producing bubbles and cooling the smoke. It is easy to buy a bong with this kind of percolator or attach it as an add-on to the bong. It is a small tube of glass with slits attached to the bottom which causes bubbles. The hole can also be seen as a honeycomb pattern or any other structure. It is attached to the end of a slit submerged in water in the bong, extending downward through the pieces of the bowl.

  1. Tree Percolator

It’s easy to tell that the Tree Percolator is exactly what the name suggests. It has a variety of tubular arms filled with small slits that look like tree. This ultimately connects on the top end and air rises from the bottom and is forced through the base tube and moves down through each arm. It creates an insane amount of tiny bubbles. Tree perc is one of the most delicate percolators available and can be broken more easily.

  1. Swiss Percolator

When it comes to percolator with the strangest, toughest designs it has to be Swiss Percolator. When fitted with a bong, the perc is like a glass bottle that has been hit by a gun. However, the holes randomly placed in the bong are the percolator themselves. Air is forced around it all and filters the smoke without creating a collision. The perfect choice if you want a pool party that keeps the conversation going.

  1. Showerhead Percolator

This special perc uses a tube that connects directly to the main chamber. It picks up the smoke and passes it through a larger tube. Then pushes the smoke onto the lower compartment which may have slits or holes. These openings come in a variety of sizes as they help in maximizing diffusion. The more diffused the smoke is from different sizes of bubbles, the better and longer will be the hit. And, as the name suggests, it looks like a shower head.

  1. Honeycomb Percolator

This percolator is a round disc with many tiny holes. The disc is flat and sometimes split in half to create more space. This advantage is parallel to the bottom of the rig or bong. This allows the perc to project bubbles directly through the chamber, which are typically found in 420 honeycomb bongs. The different perc levels allow you to enjoy the freshest and cooled filtration.

  1. Cross Percolator

Filters or Percolators usually provide the same diffusion but in several ways. The cross percolators are unique in their design and the smoke path. This design uses the downstem filtration system and combines it with several cross-shaped tubes that are branched from the center. This causes water and smoke to move from the center of the pipe to the side portion. It supports more airflow and helps prevent splashing.

  1. Barrel Percolators

The straight cylindrical design really looks like a barrel. It has grid-shaped symbols that help to create a barrel-like appearance. The perc barrel is much larger than regular percolators, which allows for greater diffusion. The barrel shape is usually vertical, but can be rotated to the side of some bongs and percolator that is connected to the downstem.

  1. Matrix Percolator

If you want to improve your bong experience, Matrix perc is the best choice. It is usually made in the form of a cylinder and in the middle of the bottom of the bong. This percolator has a horizontal slot and a vertical slot. This makes a huge difference in diffusion as the smoke can travel to different directions and separate more easily.

  1. Coil Percolator

If you like very stylish and fancy percolators, you can go for coil percs. Unlike other PERCs which are only built in one direction, coiled PERCs actually comes in two different ways. The glass coil perc diffuses smoke as you would think it to be, but the glycerin coil filter can freeze so you can get a really cool one.

Are bongs with Percolator better?

Perc can improve the quality and experience of the bong, but it can also make the product very difficult to clean. The resin will sometimes crush every nook and corner of the perc, rendering it useless over a period of time.

What is the usage of percolator bongs?

Easy to place, a percolator is a water pipe that helps cool the marijuana smoke before inhaling it. It does this by forcing the smoke to go through the water. Did you ever notice the sound you hear when you use your bong? It’s the sound of a working percolator!