Had you been in my place, you would have been in utter pitiable condition at the time of gardening.  From the very beginning of my childhood, I have the deep passion for gardening and I really love that. Very recently I have shifted from my previous lodging to the present house which is much more modern and glamorous. Earlier I lived in condos and there was no scope to get the plenty open space for the planting trees and vegetables. However, I always like gardening which is my lifeblood.  When I arrived at my house, I found that there was a small open space just adjacent to the main building. I need the help from someone who has better understanding about gardening. Well, one fine morning, after taking hot  tea prepared by Philips espresso machine, I got energy to leave for my nearby backyard for having an overview picture.  I had no practical idea about the condition of my garden. I need to check, inspect and then take suitable decision after monitoring. 


Caustic Experience


My heart ached in joy and happiness. I thought that I would make a beautiful vegetable or flower garden. But much to my surprise, I experienced that it is a fallow land without any grass.  The land was basically covered with deep weeds, thistles, stones and cobbles. It was uneven land. I became morose.  After thinking a lot, I went to my kitchen and collected watermelon. I ate and returned to the open space with seeds of watermelon. I dug a large hole and inserted seeds into it with a strong hope that it would grow in some days. 


Believe me or not, I tried my best but I faced debacle.  If you saw place, you could have lost your conscience and perhaps you might pack up the next day for leaving the place. It is very disgusting experience. I hoped that few sprouts could come out to invite me at the eleventh hour. Oh God! It was a complete defeat from my side. I plunged into confusion and searched for the internet to collect the information. I browsed extensively and came into contact with few urls which had updated my knowledge database regarding gardening. If you like to make a garden, at least get some training from the online sites or you can join any institute for brush up training session. Here, you can learn more from me as I have updated myself about the process of gardening. You can buy the best greenhouse for your garden.


Without making any plans and programs, you must not take any bold step in designing the garden. You should select what sort of garden will be beneficial for you and at the same time you must measure the inner space of the land which will be made a perfect place for the tree plantation. There should be good water supply and drainage system. If possible you must talk to the professional gardener to take advice in this regard. The online magazines and information booklets are very helpful to provide you the enriched research materials on this gardening. Do click here for immediate updates and fast facts in this regard.