It is said that marriages are decided in heaven and consolidated on earth. Marriage is one of the special occasions that come once in a person’s life. For the couple, the occasion of marriage comes up with pomp and excitement. Everybody dreams of being tied in a nuptial knot with the right partner. Marriage is just not limited to rituals and ceremonies. It is more than that, and it is a memory that a couple always wants to cherish. It is a promise made by the two to hold each other’s hands in good and bad situations. Every single ritual is given special importance, as it is a celebration for a lifetime. People want each moment to be captured. 

How digital photography made things easier:

Days had gone by when people used to get their best photos at wedding by normal roll cameras. The newly married couple had to wait for at least fifteen days to see the photographs of their marriage. Nowadays, the scenario has changed; with the advent of the technology of photography, digital ones have now replaced old cameras. The couple can immediately see their snaps; even moderations and alterations are also allowed in digital photography. Moreover, different modes for clicking a situation are also available in new cameras. In modern matrimonial photography style, one can re-create a scene and select the best one accordingly. The backdrop of a certain scene can be changed according to choice. All these new inventions in photography have been proved to be bliss for couples, and they also resulted in the birth of new styles of matrimonial photography. The 360 photo booth, also known as a 360 camera booth, is a revolutionary experience of taking photos.

New Trend:

A new trend in wedding pictures has been introduced, and nowadays, pre-wedding photoshoots are mostly in demand by couples. In pre-wedding photos, special scenes and locations are selected to make a storyline for the bride and groom. Sometimes few couples want a special photograph that is to be embedded with digital wedding cards. Special pre-wedding photographers are hired for the shoot. After that, the couple gets ready for the D-day photo shoot. 

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A wedding is always a special occasion for anyone. The day of the wedding is always the most celebrated. There are different ways to celebrate, and one of the things one can add during the wedding is renting for your wedding. Photo booths are amazing customized booths where pictures can be clicked in different styles. There are several companies available online which provide photo booths with customized designs and graphics.

Make your wedding special:

Indian wedding is incomplete without perfect photos at wedding. Above all things, photography is given prime importance. The bride and groom do several rehearsals and take several beauty treatments to look good in their marriage photos. Now day beauty salons have introduced a special photogenic makeup style to enhance the bride’s beauty for wedding photos. The color combination of wedding attire is also depended on the type of photography selected for the occasion. For example, to look perfect in candid photography, bright color dresses are considered more appealing. 

Along with wedding photos, many matrimonial photographers prepare a souvenir for the newly married and their relatives. The souvenir usually consists of photographs of the couple. Some hi-tech photographers use imported cameras to make the click a perfect one. Selecting an experienced marriage photographer can make every snap a memory for a lifetime. A good marriage album makes a couple relive the occasion every time they open their album. Some universities make offer special courses for this too.