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Since the inception of games in mobile phones, these mobile games have been the interest of almost all mobile phone users. With the advancement of technology, simple small phones were replaced with smartphones that introduced high-graphics games for all game lovers. Not only did smartphones become a necessity, but these games also became the favorite time pass for people of all ages alike. Considering the popularity of the games, multiple companies invented games of different genres to suit the taste of the different types of users. With several companies inventing new games, the competition in the gaming world increased, providing a plethora of gaming options for the users. However, certain games made their big name in the Smartphone gaming arena. One such Smartphone game is the popular Clash of Clans. 

What is the Clash Of Clans game?

Developed and published by the Finnish company of game developers called Supercell, the Clash of Clans is a popular mobile strategy online gamingavailable on Android and iPhone platforms. Being globally acclaimed, the game is single and multiplayer, released in August 2012 on the iOS platform and in October 2013 on Android phones; it is known highly for its magnificent graphics and intriguing themes conceptualized with a great story and content.  

What is the concept of the game – Clash of Clans?

As its name suggests, the game is a battle between the clans. The basic idea of the game involves a player defending their clan from the rest of the players and their clans. The player is the village chief and builds his town from other clans trying to raid it. The raid of a clan is basically to acquire certain resources. These resources were gold, elixir, and dark elixir. The game aims to build a dominant clan. The game is addictive for many of the users due to an intriguing twist. One’s clan can be raided by other players and their clans even if they have logged off. Thus, many players can attack one’s village and raid it while one is away. Thus, players stay glued to the game all the time. 

Moreover, the players could donate their troops or receive other players’ troops and talk to each other to attack others’ clans or defend one’s attacking clan to seek dominance over other clans.

The game or the battle of clans is a rage amongst the youngsters due to its addictive nature and theme. Even the game critics rated the game-high and garnered great reviews. 

How is playing Clash of Clans useful?

The Clash of Clans is a strategy game. It helps the player to build different strategies while playing the game to protect one’s clan. Moreover, the game allows talking to other people, thereby making it player-friendly. Thus, the dynamic and addictive game helps one learn various strategies and allows for real-time collaboration with other players. 

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