Is Website Designing & Development Same?

 You are probably here because you have an interest in web designing and you are not sure if it alone is enough to be pursued as a career. Well, this article will clear all your possible doubts by giving you some helpful insight into web designing as a career. Moreover, a lot of people presume that Website Designing & development are the same things, therefore, the article will also give the differences between the two.

The answer to the question “Is web designing a good career choice? “is YES! Let’s see why?

Web designing is an essential part of the IT industry. It is the process of creating, planning, and executing a website. It’s the most interesting course to learn in IT compared to many other courses. Here, web designers have to design websites, applications, web pages for different organizations, industries, businesses and they establish their identity online. From the point of view of a career, web designing is a good opportunity to establish a profession in the IT world. 

These days, especially because of the pandemic, the need for web designers is very high. IT industry is growing at more rapid rates. The world is going digital, and there is no coming back from this. IT is the only sector that has a bright future and it will continue to bloom.  

There are many job roles as a web designer that you can take up after achieving the required qualifications. You can be a front-end developer, back-end developer, web application developer, design and layout analyst, web marketing analyst, etc.

So why is web designing important?

The components of web design play a major role in creating the finished website experience, including graphic design, user experience design, interface design, search engine optimization (SEO), and content creation. A website’s appearance, feel, and functionality vary depending on the devices it is viewed on.

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Employment industry for Web Designer –

Web designers can opt for the various positions available in private as well as government sectors, soon after gaining the needed qualifications.

The following are some places where web designers can apply: –

  • l Advertising, media agencies.
  • l Multinational companies, software companies, audio-visual companies.
  • l Manufacturers, businesses.
  • l Freelancing.

Web designers earn quite a good salary in many areas. Mostly, it depends on the skills. More the skill, high the salary.

Web Designing Vs Web Development:

They are elementally two different aspects of the website creating process which require two different skill sets.

Generally, web design covers the aesthetic portion of the web page and its usability. Web designers use multiple design programs like adobe photoshop to build the layout and add visual elements to the website. It includes many components that go hand in hand to build the final experience of a website, like graphic design, SEO. Active web designing is essential to communicate ideas strongly.

Whilst, web developers, grasp a Website Laten Maken Dordrecht and make a working website from it. Web developers do the coding part. They have to learn/practice programming languages like HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP, etc to make the website alive. Web developers can convert a fixed layout into an effective website by using interactive elements like image and content sliders. It includes many components that go hand in hand to build the final experience of a website. 

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Conclusion –

 Building a website needs both Website Designing & development. Pursuing a career in any of them will be a good choice. It involves many opportunities out of the IT sector as well. Hopefully, this article helped to give you clarity on your thoughts. 

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