The write-up below has provided all the information about Is Diamond Platnumz Dead Or Alive. We also discussed the origin of the rumor.

Have you heard about the death of Diamond Platnumz? The news of his death is making rounds on the internet. His fans from Worldwide are worried about it and want to know the authenticity of this news. People on the Internet have multiple questions about this news and want to know if this is a rumor or authentic news.

If you are curious to know the same, we have your back. In this article, we will inform the readers about Is Diamond Platnumz Dead Or Alive. So, stay tuned till the last.


Many news posts and fans are posting the news about the death of Diamond, but we would like to clarify to the readers that Diamond Platnumz is alive and in good condition. The news of his death was merely a rumor with no reality.

People misinterpreted that Diamond was dead because of a viral video surfing all over the internet where people could see Diamond shirtless and tense. That video made people believe he was in bad condition and could die.


Diamond Platnumz talked about the recent situation where he and his colleagues faced a death. He and his 2 colleagues were using a lift when suddenly the lift stopped midway, and they were stuck in it. After many attempts to contact others, they finally escaped.

He said it was a near-death situation, and he seemed furious over the owner because of the lack of maintenance of the building. When he escaped the lift, he was sweating and shirtless, his colleague was taking him to the medic.


As the news of Diamond’s death was a mere rumor, he would have no funeral service. Diamond seems to be in a healthy condition and doing well for himself. People also saw him publicly after the death rumor and the lift incident.

Diamond Platinumz WIKI

Real/Full Name Naseeb Abdul Juma Issack
Nickname Diamond Platnumz
Profession Singer-songwriter, dancer
Date of Birth October 2 1989
School Attended Tandale Magharibi Primary School
Age 33
Birthplace Kigoma, Tanzania
Nationality Tanzanian
Ex-Wife Zari Hassan
Marital Status Divorced


Latest News About Diamond Platinumz Marriage And Her Ex-Wife

  • Diamond and his wife Zari are no longer together.
  • His wife was a socialite and businesswoman.
  • They got married in 2017 and held a small wedding ceremony.
  • But they parted ways in 2018.
  • Together they had 2 kids

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Diamond Platinumz is not dead. People are asked not to spread any news without ensuring its authenticity.

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Diamond Platnumz Dead Or Alive Information (FAQs)

Q1. When Diamond and his colleagues were stuck on the lift?

A- On July 17, 2023.

Q2. Who were those 2 colleagues?

A- They were Fole X and Juma Jux.

Q3. Are all of them safe now?

A- Yes.

Q4. Was Diamond first husband of Zari?

A-No, he was second.

Q5. Why they drifted apart?

A Because of Diamond’s infidelity.

Q6. How long Diamond was stuck in the lift?

A- Nearly 30 Minutes.

Q7. How have his fans reacted to his alive news?

A-His fans are happy about the Latest News.

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