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Did you know that offers 50% discounts on clothing and accessories? Did you know that additional discounts of up to 30% are offered on buying more? With code NEW10, you can get a 10% discount on your first order. However, the clothing size might differ, and Carlsonchic takes no responsibility for accepting such returns!

So, before buying from, a fashion e-store in the United States, would you like to know Is Carlson Chic Scam or Legit?


  • Carlsonchic Creation—12th/October/2022 at 4:38:41.
  • Carlsonchic Age—4-months and 11-days old.
  • Carlsonchic Last updated on—12th/October/2022 at 4:38:41.
  • Carlsonchic Expiry—12th/October/2023 at 4:38:41.
  • Carlsonchic life expectancy—7 months and 21 days.
  • Place of origin—Tempe, AZ, United States.
  • Alexa Rank—Zero.
  • Trust Index—terrible 1%.
  • Domain Authority(DA)—1/100.
  • Business ranking—an above-average 58.6%.
  • Carlsonchic’s Suspicious score—7%.
  • Threat Profile—28%.
  • Phishing Score—19%.
  • Malware Score—28%.
  • Spam Score—1%.
  • Contact person—unspecified.
  • Connection Security—Carlsonchic utilizes a HTTPS secured connection.
  • Status of Blacklisting—Carlsonchic is not blacklisted.
  • SSL Status—its IP has a low domain validated SSL certificate for next 77 days.
  • Owner’s Identity and Contact—censored with Domains By Proxy LLC paid services, as determined in Carlson Chic Reviews.


The mission statement of Carlsonchic states that it is a Business-2-Customer website selling handpicked trendy clothing for customers to make them feel stylish and in control of their looks. However, the mission statement is stolen from!

Further, the website design and pictures of products were also stolen from, and the privacy policy and terms were stolen from showcased:

  • T-shirts
  • Blouses & Shirts
  • Outerwears
  • Camisoles & Tanks
  • Sweater
  • Jeans & Shorts
  • Pants
  • Vintage Velvet
  • Ruffle & Pleated
  • Floral & Flower
  • Classic Leopard
  • Solid Color
  • Elegant Lace
  • Glasses
  • Accessories
  • Casual shoes
  • Sports shoes
  • Sandals
  • Flat shoes
  • Flip Flop
  • High heels


  • Buy clothing and accessories at—
  • Price—starts from $9.99.
  • Guarantee—secure payment processing.
  • Physical Address—unspecified.
  • Company number—unspecified.
  • Email address—[email protected], a business email.
  • Phone (or) whatsapp number—unspecified
  • Store locator—not featured on Carlsonchic.
  • Delivery Policy—orders are delivered within 7 to 15 days internationally.
  • Cancellation Policy—unspecified.
  • Terms and Conditions—Mentioned but plagiarized on Carlsonchic.
  • Cancellation fee—unspecified.
  • Shipping Policy—Standard shipment costs $7.99, and expedited shipping costs $12.99.
  • Carrier details—via air mail.
  • Privacy policy—Mentioned but plagiarized on Carlsonchic.
  • Tracking—not possible on Carlsonchic.
  • Restocking fee—no fee.
  • Return Policy—Return shipping charges should be paid by the customer. Carlsonchic allows 30-days to return an item.
  • Exchange Policy—unspecified, accounted to check Is Carlson Chic Scam or Legit?
  • Refunds Policy—Carlsonchic should initially receive the refund from the supplier to process a credit.
  • Refund timeline—seven to nine working days.
  • Mode of refund—PayPal.
  • Mode of Payment—PayPal in US$ only.
  • Backlinks: four.
  • Newsletters—published by Carlsonchic.
  • Help and FAQ—included on Carlsonchic.


  • Free shipping is supported for $99+ orders
  • supports international orders
  • Friendly UI with categorization, searching, sorting and filtering options
  • Carlsonchic showcased clothing in multicolours and sizes
  • Description of products and images are included


  • Unrealistic 80% discounts are offered at Carlsonchic
  • Difficulty in contacting Carlsonchic customer support 
  • Only PayPal payments are accepted
  • Carlsonchic allows ordering one million quantities of the same item
  • Taxes are additionally charged at checkout

Customers Carlson Chic Reviews: did not included customer reviews and blogging. Four websites and four YouTube reviews suggest that is illegitimate. No user reviews were present on social media and customer review sites.

No customer acknowledgement about receiving clothing from was present. Please read about PayPal fraud, as Carlsonchic only offers PayPal payments.

Social Media Relationships And Links:

Carlsonchic is on Facebook and Instagram with 4089 followers. included the links for Facebook and Instagram pages given below.

Conclusion: seems illegitimate as it created the website name using the brand name of Carlson Chic and it answered Is Carlson Chic Scam or Legit. The reviews about redirect users to positive reviews of Carlson Chic clothing. Therefore, please know about plastic money scams to avoid online payment rackets. gained poor Alexa, DA and trust scores.

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Is Carlson Chic Scam Or Legit. – FAQ

Q1. Carlsonchic uses how many servers?

Two servers with serial chain numbers 912b084acf0c18a753f6d62e25a75f5a and 4001772137d4e942b8ee76aa3c640ab7 targeting and

Q2. Who is the ISP of Carlsonchic?

Shopify Inc, CA.

Q3. Who is the registrar of Carlsonchic? LLC.

Q4. How much is the speed of Carlsonchic?

A 68% D-performance grade, with a load time of 2.46 seconds, is considered slow.

Q5. How much is the visitor count of Carlsonchic?

One visitors count/month.

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