The official name for buckminsterfullerene is carbon 60 or C60 even though it is referred to as Bucky balls in other terms. Carbon 60 is a molecule that is made in the laboratory through the vaporizing of carbon to form unique bonds. C60 benefits are numerous and it remains among the greatest discoveries that was ever made in the 90’s and even went ahead to win a Nobel Prize for its invention. 

The molecule is comprised of 60 carbon atoms that have form a unique soccer ball like structure. The structure contains 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons in its formation with a double bond on the edges of the structure. The molecule derives its strength from all 60 carbons in its structure hence developing properties like resistance to radiation, resistance to chemical corrosion and most importantly high pressure. One of the reasons why they are ideal for oxidation is in how they move in between cell membranes and can be found between DNA strands. 

How does it work? 

C60 molecules are best defined as radical scavengers, the very detail that makes them the perfect antioxidant property. This nature allows them to find the free radicals in the surrounding and either donates an electron or having to share one with them. In the human body, this causes the repairing of the free radicals and that is essential in the body healing and immunity. Thanks to it the free radicals posing as scavengers are subdued to its antioxidant power. 

They are furthermore ideal in the removal or excretion of cellular waste from the cells. This is because the C60 molecules have the ability to pass through the thin mitochondria membrane and attach themselves to the free radicals for better waste removal. 

How are free radicals formed? 

Free radicals are the molecules that have no electron and are therefore not stable. Free radicals are dangerous to the body and must be reduced in number by methods like C60 oil use. Some of the main causes for free radicals in the body include exposure to harmful chemicals, working out heavily, certain pharmacy products, consumption of processed foods and exposure to electromagnetic frequencies.

Free radicals can be very dangerous to the body and bring along wide range of health challenges that you should be familiar with. 

  • Free radicals cause damages to different cell parts through taking an electron from them. The affected parts could easily be the protein, cell membrane or even in its DNA which results in an oxidative damage being caused to the cell. 
  • Free radicals in the body can also cause hair loss, accelerate the aging process, lead to fatigue, cancer, arthritis and different types of skin conditions when left ignored. 

How do the free radicals affect the body?

Free radicals when present in the body can cause DNA damage and progressive damage to the DNA is what causes aging in all living organisms. Increased damage to the DNA of a cell can increase chances of premature aging.  This is because instigating organic functional decline is what the radicals do to the body while also augmenting loss of homeostasis.

Free radicals in the body are also known as reactive oxygen species and can be naturally produced by the body. The process through which the body forms naturally existing free radicals is metabolism where they are removed as by-products. Athletes therefore experience increased count of free radicals in their body every time they work out and increase their metabolism. The best solution forward would be to focus on finding the best anti-oxidants you can in the market. Since C60 oils have proven to be very strong antioxidants, you can shop for them online to help you neutralize the free radicals in your body. 

How do I know the C60 oil I purchase is safe?

When you are looking for C60 oil, you will be met by a long list of potential answers for what you are looking for. There are those that will be availed using hemp oil extracted from the cannabis sativa or hemp plant. There are other products that will come in form of C60 olive oil while others are blended in with coconut oil. You must develop criteria for choosing the best C60 option for purchase for safety concerns. By making the wrong purchase of C60 oil, a lot of things can easily go wrong. Here are some of the ways you can figure out whether the C60 oil is safe for human consumption.

Solvent contaminated C60 powder

In the manufacture of C60 oils, solvents are used for a number of reasons. Solvents are however never ideal because they are toxic to the body and could have harsh side-effects to the human body. In C60, solvents are used for elimination of soot and contaminants from the solution. 

Most manufacturers use options like vacuuming oven to dry out or eliminate any kind of solvent from the C60 oil solution. The method is however not as efficient in getting all the traces of solvents from the solution. The solvents can affect the body nervous system and the brain over time. 

You should avoid purchasing C60 oil products that come from China. This is because there are very many Chinese manufacturers that do not follow the given guidelines on how to make the C60 oil that meets the market standard. By verifying the source of your C60 oil, you can easily mitigate the possibility of purchasing unsafe oils that may cause a threat to your health.


Your journey to purchase the best C60 oils should start with in depth research to understand what you should be looking for. Check the qualities of the seller to make sure their products meet the market standards. By also knowing what to look for in C60 oil it becomes easier to avoid the counterfeit options in the market.