Imginn – An Easy Way to Spy On Someone’s Social life

Imginn Instagram:- As the title itself explain everything. This article is related to a 3rd party application that allows you to keep an eye on someone’s account (crush, child, friend, wife, husband etc,) without letting them know. You don’t need their approval or consent for this & also it is totally legal & safe to do. If you want to view someone’s story, photos, videos etc, & also you want to save them then imginn is a best option for you. Imginn allows you to watch & save the videos & photos of someone online without letting them know. But there are some limitations of this application as it does not allow you to like, comment & share someone’s post. You can only see the posts & save them online & nobody’s going to know that you have seen the post secretly. Plus point of this application is this application is free of cost you don’t need to pay dollars for this.

What is Imginn?

Imginn is a 3rd party application that allows users to watch the photos, videos of someone secretly without them knowing. This application allows users to download & watch instagram story, videos for free. You can also use this site for your data backup. 

Benefits of using

  • You can spy anyone, anytime & anywhere.
  • The person who’s videos you are watching & downloading won’t be able to know that you have downloaded the stuff from their profile.
  • You don’t need the person’s consent to watch & download their video.
  • Imginn is a free application.
  • It’s algorithm is too simple.
  • You don’t need too much skills to use it.
  • You can see their snapchat, facebook, instagram & other social media’s post & stories.
  • You don’t need to enter your real name in this application.
  • Whatever you have seen on this application gets automatically saved & you can watch it again & again anytime.
  • You don’t need to sign up an instagram account.
  • People won’t know that you are keeping an eye on their social media.

Limitations of Imginn & Imginn Alternative-

Although it is a good application that allow users to do lots of tasks. It’s an interesting site that allows us to know anything about someone’s social life without letting them know. But here comes some disadvantages that this website contains-

  • Only Australian, Canadian, Italian, German, Spanish people can use this website.
  • You can watch & download the videos, photos & highlights of only those people who has a public account.
  • Those people who have a private account, their content is totally safe. You need their approval for watching & downloading their content.
  • This website uses public instagram API & it’s not sure that if it’s safe or not.
  • Your data is at a threat.
  • Imginn doesn’t allows you to post any content.
  • It also doesn’t allow to like & share someone’s videos.
  • It doesn’t take the responsibility of the safety of your data online.


This application is free and doesn’t need any specific skills to operate. It’s a great & easiest way to know about anyone’s social life without their approval. But there are always limitations & exceptions. There is nothing perfect in this world. Same as this application also have some drawbacks. But this application is improving & we hope in future it will clear all of its drawbacks & will satisfy all of the needs of their users. Till then we have to accept it as it is. Wait for all of the new features that it will introduce.

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