All the people these days are living a hectic life and that is the reason they are looking for the right medicine that can add peace to the mind. Most of the doctors are telling their patients to look for other ways then medicine so that they can feel relaxed. Humor is considered as the best way in which a person can give relaxation to their mind and soul.

Now the question arises, what humor is? It is basically something that can cause amusement. Laughter is the best way in which a person can get rid of all the mental trouble without taking medicine. Some of the benefits of humor are as follows-

  1. Laughter is a good medicine– Humor act like a super vitamin. It helps in relieving the muscle tension, and helps in boosting the immune system so that the body can function properly. With the help of laughter, a person can boost their memory; it helps in preventing heart diseases. A person is suggested to look, so as to add humor to the life.

  2. Calms down- humor helps in calming down the nerves so that the person can feel relaxed. It will help in settling the body down so that one can live a healthy life without facing any trouble in the future.

  3. Relieve stress- when the heart breaks, a person wish to be sad and at that time, you give sadness your attention. Most of the times, people avoid laughter because they think that they are losing their loved ones. Such tension can even lead to depression and a lot of skin troubles. Tension is one of the major reasons of getting acnes. So, to have a perfect skin and a good body system, a person should add humor. Humor helps in making the mind light so that your body can feel better. Laughter also can helps in midlife crisis so people should find happiness in small things and keep laughing.         

  4. Things are less scary when one laughs- all the things are related to mind. If a person thinks that the problem is huge, then it will look same even if it is not. That means all the things are in our mind. So, it is suggested that the person should laugh at the trouble as it will help in fighting against the problem easily. So, make sure to add positivity in the mind so that you can go against all the hassle without taking much time.

  5. Helps in curing boredom- it is one of the most important part of the humor. Have a perfect group of friends who can make you laugh are the best ones that can make your mood light. Even if one is sitting alone, so as to go through hilarious jokes.

Humor not only adds fun to the life, but it is the best way in which the body can function properly without taking any medicine. That is the reason one should add humor so as to live a perfect life.