Soil is the main source of tree plantation. Without soil gardening will not be done. Therefore, you must enrich the soil before the tree plantation.  You should prepare soil perfectly before planting trees in the garden. There are certain factors for confirming whether the soil is good or not.  There will be accurate combination of sand, clay and silt in proper percentage.  If you study correctly, you will find that the mixture will contain 40% sand, the same percentage in silt with 20% clay. There are a number of tastes which can be conducted for knowing the quality of the soil. Click here for online guide and you will be given instant reply from experts. 


In addition, you can also test the soils manually. For instance, just take handful of soils in you palm and press the soil gently. If it breaks into the fine dust after slight pressing, you must confirm that there is huge amount of sand in the soil. On the other hand, if your finger penetrates into the mud and get stuck to the soil, you can assume that the percentage of the clay or mud is higher in the soil. 

Use Advanced Software and Technology 

  • Innovation in soil analysis prevents your maximum loss of money and effort. 
  • BluRoot, cloud based systems, and data analysis software need to be included to prepare the survey reports before testing the soil. 
  • Online mobile apps for soil testing are now new technologies which can be used by people. 

There is another fantastic test which can determine the percentage of the clay, sand and the silt in the soil. Let’s do some experiment. Now just listen carefully and try to practice at home if you want to test the soil of your garden for the farming.  Take glass of water and pour some dust or soil into the container, now shake it for some time and then monitor perfectly. You will find there are three layers in the glass. The top level will be the clay, the middle point will be silt and the sediment which is seen being accumulated at the base of the glass is sand. It is very easiest way to know the percentage of the three main components in the soil. 

After the accurate analysis, it is up to you to take decision how to enrich soils. If there is any inadequacy in any element or component in the soil, you must take the steps to fill up the gap. In case the percentage of the sand or silt is high, it will be better for you to add peat moss in the mixture.  Water is very essential part of the gardening. Lastly you must install the good water supply systems to ensure the sufficient availability of water in the garden. At the same time, you need to upgrade the drainage system which is very vital and essential for the perfect gardening. Learn more by reading recent blogs and articles published on the internet.