As an introvert I used to be ashamed of being an introvert. I want myself to be someone else. You see, sometimes it is hard to tell or explain to other people how it actually feels to be an introvert. It is even harder to accept that it is a part of who you are and especially difficult to share information with another person who is an introvert.

Some of the questions like, “Why don’t you want to go to the party?” or “Why don’t you mix up in big groups of people or look unhappy in a large gathering?”. These types of questions are sometimes difficult to reply to.

It is not like we don’t enjoy having fun, acting foolish, or mixing up with other people. We just wanted to do it around the right people or the people we know much. And more precisely, we need the time to be quiet and stay calm.

If you are an extroverted person, don’t take it personally when we don’t jump at the chance to be in large groups of people and remember these things if you want to be in love with an introvert.

Things an introvert likes or wants you to do and understand: To be in love with an introvert.

 Let an introvert enjoy quietly being alone.

Yes, an introvert enjoys spending time alone. In fact, an introvert thrives off of it. It provides an introvert a chance to gather their thoughts and recharge. Also it gives more time to do things which are more preferred by an introvert  such as reading, writing or showcasing the art work. An extrovert may also enjoy quiet time alone but the time typically needs to be in a quiet place and for longer periods of time.

Don’t make it overwhelming for an introvert by taking him/her into large crowds.

An introvert doesn’t typically enjoy going to or spending long periods of time in large crowds. While many other people may look forward to enduring it for a concert, parade, or special event, an introvert does not look forward to going into and being around masses of people. After some time it can really be overwhelming for an introvert and although an introvert may not cover the ears, scream and freak out in large crowds, that an introvert secretly wishes to do so.

By: Introvertespace