Cannabis contains a naturally occurring cannabinoid called THC-P. The compound is an analog of THC, which plays an important role in most cannabis mental activities. It was discovered late in 2019 by Italian researchers. THC-P is one of almost 120 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. There are still discoveries to be made, which will gradually increase.

THC-P, however, has caused a lot of controversy in the cannabis community. Research has shown that thcp bulk might have a greater effect on cannabis strains’ psychological activity than THC. 

What does THC-P mean?

A cannabinoid similar to THC, Delta-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol is known as THC-P. Low levels of it will be found in cannabis plants.

There is evidence that endogenous cannabinoid systems interact with THC similarly to THC. Cannabinoid receptors are, however, more receptive to it. According to the latest research, THC-P binds with CB1 receptors 33 times more than normal THC. Because of its alkyl side chains, THC-P is an exceptional product. THC-P has a longer carbon atom chain than normal THC (7 carbon pairs and 5 carbons). This allows cannabinoids in the body to stick better to receptors. This means that the amount of THC–P needed to influence the functions of the endogenous cannabis cannabinoid system (“ECS”) is much less. It is the same as THC.

To obtain high doses of THC, patients can use THC-P. High doses of THC can cause sedative effects in patients who require THC-P at high levels. This can help relieve insomnia and chronic pain. THC products are available.

Humans are unlikely to be affected by THC-P based on the available evidence. Is there a strain that contains a higher concentration of cannabinoids? There is no evidence to support the claim that THCP is more powerful than THC.

Is THCP a way to elevate yourself?

Not much information is available on how THC-P works in the human body. The existing research has shown that cannabinoids are 33 times more likely to be attracted to CB1 receptors than THC. Because these receptors are primarily found in the brain, THC-P could attract higher quantities than THC users. But, more research is needed.

Is THC-P safe for you?

THC-P’s safety for human consumption is still not known. Because THC-P research is still in its early stages, it’s important to be cautious about including it in your medical marijuana toolkit.

What is the difference between THC-P and Delta 9 THC?

There are seven carbon atoms in THCP, but only five in THC. Because of the longer chain, THC-P’s cannabimimetic properties are much more potent than THC. THC-P is more potent than THC. For more information on THC-P, visit this website.