A proxy server is a system that works as the gateway between the internet and the user. It is an intermediary because it foes between the users and the web pages that the users want to visit online. It is the IP address that will tell where the incoming data will go and mark the outgoing data’s return address. It is essential for the computer with the internet to have the proxy because it will have an IP address of its own. It provides several benefits to the users as it keeps them secure. There are several types of proxy servers that a person can consider, and those are mentioned below-

  • Forward proxy
  • Transparent proxy
  • Anonymous proxy
  • High anonymity proxy
  • Distorting proxy
  • Datacenter proxy
  • Residential proxy
  • Public Proxy
  • Shared proxy
  • Rotating proxy
  • Reverse proxy
  • SSL proxy

These are the different types of proxy that a user can choose from, and each of them offers different features to the users. If you want to buy proxies, then the person needs to look for the features and consider the pros and cons of the proxies and then only they should buy the best one according to their requirements. It can be the best way through which the user can protect their system from cyber attackers as proxy prevents them from entering into the private network.

Advantages of a proxy server

When a person considers getting the proxy server, then that can offer you several benefits, and if anyone is in the doubt whether they should buy proxies or not, then they should have a look over the points below- 

Enhance the security

It is an obvious statement that intent is not safe anymore; every day, a person hears about cyber fraud or crimes that happen to people. Even educated people are getting into the trap, and if the person is not careful about these things, they may fall into the trap of hackers. But fortunately, if you are considering choosing the proxy server, it will help enhance the security of your system. It is the gateway between security and privacy. It helps in keeping the identity of a person safe and prevents the computer from the other malware sites that may want to gain access to your system. Geonode Proxy is one of the best proxy server provider that offers unlimited proxies and all the benefits mentioned below.


Who wants to spy on? Does anyone want to leak their personal information? No, because that will be the worst thing that can happen to a user. And if you are working on something where you have to constantly view your personal information on the web, then it is essential to get the proxy to browse more privately. There are different types of proxy servers that can even help in changing the IP address of the person. It changes the location of the server and helps the users in keeping them anonymous.

It means you will be able to do private browsing, listing, watching and even shopping on that server without getting intruded on by the unwanted ads or any other collection of IP-specific data. In addition, it can be helpful if you use the different proxies because that will help you avoid different malware.

Control the usage of the internet

If a parent or the employer in an organization feels that they need to control the activities of their children or employees that they do on the internet, then the proxy can be the one that helps them. There are many times when the children’s may come across several harmful contents, and through the proxy server, the parent will be able to know about the different activities they do or also know what different things they surf on the web.

Just like that, there are many companies that use the proxy server that helps in keeping an eye on their employee’s activities. There are some proxies that the employer can use, and their employees may not get any idea about that. Through some proxies, the user can get access to some specific websites, and even keep track of all the web requests and also be able to see the different sites they are visiting.

To avoid the restrictions

There are many websites that may not give access to any user because of their location. It is because there are several locations where some of the websites are restricted, but the person can get access to that is they are using the proxy that will change their location so easily, and that is what makes it easy for the person to get access to the restricted websites or content. For instance, the person can get the opportunity to watch the restricted YouTube Videos and also use the YouTube proxy through which you can be able to watch the videos.

Prevents employees from distracting

If in an organization the proxy server is used, they can use it to block access to the websites that run contrary to the principles of the organization. The organization can even block the sites that may distract the employees who are working there. Sometimes, the employees just use those websites, and they get distracted from doing some important task. This is the reason that some website even blocks those websites such as Facebook, Instagram from their server so that the employees will not waste their time on all those things.

Get access to a specific location

With the help of a proxy server, the user can even get access to the IP address of some other country; the user can even change the location. It can be the best for the person who does not want their identity to get leaked as they can just show some other location or a fake one. The user can even get full access to the content that is not restricted to other countries but is on their own. They will be able to interact with the websites easily. There will be no restriction for the person in using any kind of website that they want to.