It can be a difficult situation if your pipes get blocked. Blocked drains can cause numerous problems. Sometimes if you have more guests, parties, get together, etc. your drain might get blocked. To avoid such a situation. You must be ready to clear your drain. There are a few safety measures that you can take to keep your drain clean. You have listed a few below.

Install a lint catcher: Residue from your washing machine can block your drain. It can be anything like lint, fabric, woollen bits, a sock or a tie. If these leak out of the drain of your washing machine, you might face severe issues. All these might lead to drain blockage.

What you can do is add a lint catcher at the end of your drainage pipe of the washing machine. A lint catcher is like a mesh, which will collect any residue and keep your drainage system clear from taking harmful residues. You can buy one from the market or make a small DIY from old stockings to avoid CANALISATION BOUCHÉ.

Using bacteria to work through organic material: Any regular drain blockage is caused due to organic residues like food, grease or hair. An easy solution to break or clear this residual blockage is using bacteria. So, a certain type of bacteria is out there to break the organic blockage in the drain. Healthy bacteria will eat away all the organic blockage add to keep your drain clear. This will save you from the pain of severe blockage issues.

The drain cleaner bacteria are available in the form of liquid and is non-corrosive. So, it will be not harmful to the pipes. Moreover, this bacterium will not interfere with the bacteria of the septic tank. Hence, it is one of the best and safe you to prevent blockage.

Collect grease and dispose of it properly: Any form of grease is harmful to the drain. It can accumulate and sabotage your drainage system. If you pour warm grease down your drain, it will eventually cool and congeal at a point to create a clog. You must try every means to avoid CANALISATION BOUCHÉ.

It is recommended to collect the grease before you do the dishes. You may add the grease to a container and discard it once that is full. Sometimes people directly dispose of it in their bin. Just make sure not to drain it.

Stop hair blockage: As mentioned earlier, hair is organic waste. If it is combined with soap and passes down your shower drain, it can create a clog. This situation can be avoided by using proper equipment. You may use a drain snake to remove this rescued. Regular cleaning may help you avoid the worst-case scenario.

Pop-Up Stopper: A pop-up stopper is a must. Every sink in the house must have one. They are very handy to collect hair, dental floss or any other random bad stuff. It will keep these rescued away from your drain and keep it clear from clogs.

It is wise to not let the waste build. One must clean the pop-ups once every week or fortnight. This will help is a steady flow of water.


Hydro-jet plumbing

Sometimes the blockage may go wary. It can be difficult to get rid of the stubborn clog with the help of regular tools or easy DIY methods. In such a scenario, it is advisable to take help of professional help.

There are multiple cleaning companies out there with several professionals who can help people with their severe drain blockage. One of the efficient ways to clear a clog is jet. Professionals use a hydro jet to clear the clog in your drain.

It is recommended to hire professionals before you use hydro-jet because they have special equipment with the camera. Such equipment is sent down your pipe to under the clog better. The type of clog and the pipe will determine if a hydro jet must be used or not.

So, what is the hydro-jet? Hydro jet can be defined as a plumbing tool that is sophisticated and is used to clear blocked drains. This tool has a high-pressure hose that comes with a nozzle. The nozzle is attached to the terminal end. Further, it is connected to a machine that creates pressure on the water. This eventually helps in getting rid of the blockage.

The force of the water from the nozzle can be regulated as per the clog. It can force out any residual CANALISATION BOUCHÉ like hair, grease or other material down the drain.

Process of hydro-jetting

The process of cleaning the drain by hydro jet is known as hydro jet drain cleaning. The force of a hydro jet can breakthrough small tree roots and cleared the blockage. It is almost effective on any kind of organic clog.

The pressurised water from the nozzle of the hydrogen can break any difficult clog and clean the entire drain for the smooth functioning of the system. Hydro jet drain cleaning is suitable for specific pipes which will be not affected by the high pressure of the water.

There are multiple nozzle fittings available for various drain pipes. The size of the nozzle and the requirement of water depends on the clog.

A  model has capability to  release water of  pressure around 1,500P to 4,000P  at per minute rate. However, the bigger system has the capacity of producing the pressure that ranges between 35,000 to 40,000 pounds per minute. Nozzles come in 1.5-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch diameter.

Benefits of hydro jet plumbing

  • The hydro-jet is a quick solution and is recommended by professionals for a suitable situation. The high-pressure water of the hydro-jet cleans the drain thoroughly. It is tough against severe clogs.
  • The hydro-jet is very flexible. It can be used for the residential cleans process or commercial cleaning.
  • This machine just uses water to clean the drain. Instead of using any harmful chemical it just uses water. Hence, this method is very safe. The other water bodies are not pullulated due to the cleaning chemicals.