Baby food is an extremely important and responsible theme for parents because balanced nutrition during the first years of life determines the future health and wealth of the baby. Nowadays, parents have different variants of baby food. It can be traditional homemade food or food from the jar. So, what are the benefits and disadvantages of both?

What is Homemade Food?

Homemade food is a traditional approach to a baby’s nutrition. It involves cooking meals at home with fresh ingredients. So, what are the benefits of homemade food?

  1. Quality control. Homemade food lets parents control ingredients’ quality and freshness. Parents can choose organic, natural products and avoid preservatives and artificial additives. 
  2. Personalized menu. Making food at home helps parents to personalize their baby’s diet according to its needs and tastes. 
  3. The development of healthy habits. During cooking at home, the baby can observe the process of how meals are prepared. It can assist in the development of healthy habits and food interests. 

Along with pros, homemade food can have some cons:

  1. Time. Preparing homemade food takes a lot of time and effort. That is why it can be inconvenient if both parents are working. 
  2. The necessity of planning. The menu should be planned before cooking. Also, parents need to choose fresh, healthy, and organic products, which can be hard and inconvenient to find and buy. 

The Food from the jar: Benefits and Disadvantages

Food from the jar is popular nowadays. This food is presented in different variations and tastes. It serves the individual purposes, ages, and preferences of the baby. Moreover, with the quality development of the modern world, it becomes easy to find organic baby food from a jar that has many nutrients and nothing artificial. What are the advantages of food from the jar?

  1. Convenience. Formulas, pouches, and organic baby snacks provide parents with convenience and velocity. For example, when parents are on the go, ready-to-feed formula, fruit pouches, or snack bars can become a real save. Brand Holle offers a great variety of choices in organic baby snacks. Parents could find many products according to their baby’s liking, from crunchy puffs to pouches of many tastes. 
  2. The guarantee of quality. Parents should be responsible while choosing the food from the jar. The brand should be famous and reliable. And what is more important, the brand should have organic standards and organic certifications. For instance, parents are assured that Holle’s pouches are certified organic by the European Union, and many are also certified by the Demeter company when choosing them.
  3. Longer expiration date. The food from the jar can have a longer expiration date in comparison to homemade food. This advantage allows parents to make supplies for some time. 

Among the disadvantages of food from the jar can be food that can consist of preservatives. Nevertheless, this disadvantage can be excluded by choosing a reliable brand of organic baby food.  


Both homemade and from-the-jar food have as well benefits and disadvantages. The choice between them depends on the parents’ personal preferences, schedule, and the baby’s tastes and preferences. Nevertheless, it is crucial to remember that despite what choice is made, the key is to provide the child with all the necessary nutrients for healthy growth and development.