Football is a widely known sport and, is played in almost every country. Some know football as soccer. It is a simple game in which there are two teams that play opposite each other with eleven members each. They can use any part of their body except their hands and arms and move the ball, throw it. The only person allowed to touch the ball using hands is the goalkeeper. The team which scores the maximum goals wins the match. Many popular tournaments are organized across the globe like FIFA, and others wherein different teams compete against each other. The match is shown on various platforms and, you can watch the ผลบอลสด at home or grounds. The game is pretty simple in rules and the equipment used. Also, one can play the game on grounds, gyms, in parks, or anywhere they like for fun. Even indoor football can be played but you need to ask permission from your parents, so you don’t break anything valuable. Other than that anywhere you like. The best part is that the number of players is quite huge, so if you have a gang of friends you can try playing it for recreation.

It is said that there are more than 250 million players in the world that play football professionally. This stat is given by the governing body of football that is FIFA. The number is increasing as more and more people are enjoying this sport and playing it. Not only the players but there are almost 26 billion people that watch ผลบอลสด matches. It is amazing how people enjoy sports and admire the players along with the game. You can find people wearing football jerseys with their favorite player’s name and number written on the back. Some people bring whistles and boards to cheer the team on the ground. Those who watch at home, sit with food and drinks and show equal enthusiasm.


Not many people know the history of football. The modern version of football originated in Britain around the 19th century. Before that local football game was played by the people for fun. They used to set their own rules and fouls. It was in medieval times and before that. Now the game has become much more sophisticated and there are rule books too. As time passes, people became busier and preferred other activities to pass time. Still, there were many famous schools like Winchester and Eton that took up football as a winter game. They played it with their own set of rules. But later on, there was a need to simplify the rules and make them more uniform and standardized. Therefore, football associations were formed and they codified the rules. This was how football began to be played since early times and until now.  Rugby was also played during that time, but it was outside the scope of football associations. Later on, people started playing it professionally and matches, tournaments were conducted for them.

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Rules that were established by associations were not accepted by everyone especially Britain. There were many clubs that retained their original rules. There were also some regional fights over the rules. But in the end, everyone agreed to standardize them. Eventually, the game became so popular that it almost reduced the interest of people from other sports like cricket, rugby, etc. People were so fond of the sport that they preferred it over others.

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