During the time of the pandemic, there have been people all around the world who have had their dreams crushed either for going to universities overseas or are just missing the experience of traveling. All sorts of theories have been debunked where there were people who have had their multiple boons and curses in this time. While eliminating all the negatives, and highlighting all the positives, it is important to note, that there are people who have inculcated new habits, have started to explore their hobbies, and have even started to learn a thing or two about Online Gaming Apps.

What is this about? – You read that right. Some people have found a prolonged love for games online. Now as expected, there are variations of games, having certain types as well. Each of these games is created to attract and appeal to an audience. At first, games would be generally for those who will be deemed as kids but now some games appeal more to young adults and major adults, as it gives them a sense of understanding and freedom. If one searches the internet then there is a plethora of Online Gaming Apps that one can come across and can have fun with.

What are some of the types? – As kids, we would always be indulged in traditional games that can be called board games or just cards. Since it was efficient, but now traditional games that were being played are all featured in online gaming apps, some of the other types are –

  • Action-Adventure games – These types of games are filled with both components and are usually played by people who love leverages and collection of items, generally a quest in completion. It also comes with a video game console, hand, and headset, that can connect with the TV to have a better experience. It includes hybrid variations of characters, exploration, quizzes, and puzzles to solve to gain rewards and an innovative monetary system.
  • Sandbox Games – This is a tech term that is used, especially in the gaming industry. It has an open-ended mode where players are often self-associated with the choice of the environment and non-linear gameplay. Most of these games consist of a princess that needs to be saved from the main villain and would often require the player to achieve the fulfillment of the task in different ways as the same strategy cannot be used twice. It is more narrative in nature.
  • Shooting games – Any form of a game, that has the grotesque killing of the opponent, capturing their territory, and identifying the bad guy among them all comes under this strategy game. This has been the most known and popular online gaming apps genre and is still played. Players hide from their opponent and have headsets to communicate with their teammates and meet at the field for a shoot-out.
  • Survival and horror games – These types of games are a sub-category but this revolves around murder, mystery, killings, jump scares, zombies, assassination along the usage of psychological warfare strategies. Pure horror would also include alien invasion concepts and survival instinct tactics.

Other forms of games? – These gaming apps are most featured and have been played constantly, even during pre-pandemic times. Some of the other gaming apps that have had an increase are role-playing games, sports games, puzzles and quizzes (literature), and pkv games.

Conclusion – While cruising through the online gaming apps, there are a lot of skills left unhinged that are the users develop mobility and stability, proper hand-eye coordination, skills to plan, task, execute and coordinate, and lastly major problem-solving skills. So, while playing these games, certain skills can be reaped.