Cabinets and countertops are generally the focal points of a kitchen and bathroom, and their design and colours help set the tone of the entire room. Therefore, homeowners can often feel overwhelmed when trying to decide which colour scheme, material, and design to choose.

If you like contrasting colours, pairing dark-coloured cabinets with light countertops is a great way to add more dimension to a space, but what is the best way to put these two together?

Keep reading below to learn which colours and materials are best for pairing dark cabinets with light countertops, including how to fit them into your personal aesthetic!

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Things to consider before choosing your cabinets and countertops

Before you select the materials and colours for your cabinets and countertops, there are a few things you’ll want to consider when creating your design. Let’s take a look at these further below:

The style and aesthetic of your home

While the contrast of dark and light colours fits many different styles and aesthetics, the wrong colour combination can give off a different vibe than you’d like to integrate into your home.

For example, suppose you’ve selected the Tuscan design style for your home, which primarily focuses on antique wood shades, copper metal, and natural stone. In that case, you’d want to avoid starkly contrasting shades like black and white, which give off a more minimalist vibe. 

Rather, you’d want to opt for a slightly warmer colour contrast. For instance, dark maple wood cabinets with light beige quartz countertops would be a great combination!

The lighting 

Another factor to consider when selecting the right dark and light colour combination is how it will look against the lighting in your kitchen or bathroom. 

For instance, if you have a kitchen with lots of natural light, darker colours like black or dark grey for your cabinets will add a glamorous, moody look to your room without making it too gloomy.

However, if you’re relying heavily on artificial lighting, you may wish to opt for a slightly lighter shade of brown or red to prevent the room from feeling overwhelming. 

Your room layout

Finally, another factor to consider when selecting the right cabinets and countertops for your kitchen or bathroom is the layout of the room.

This is important both for how the installation of the cabinets and countertops will look, along with how the colours will look based on where the light and shadows of the room sit. 

For instance, if the area where your cabinets and countertops sit is heavily ridden with shadow, you may opt for a slightly lighter dark shade to prevent the room from looking too gloomy.

It’s also important to consider how the style of cabinets and countertops you’ve chosen will fit into your room layout. You’ll want to measure the area to make sure there aren’t any gaps or awkward spaces between the cabinets and countertops upon installation.

Ideas for pairing dark cabinets with light countertops

Once you’ve considered the critical factors above, you can focus on choosing the right combination. 

There are many different options that utilize dark kitchen cabinets with light countertops, some of which we’ve compiled below:

Black cabinets

For black cabinets, there are a few different light colour choices that will pair nicely, but it will depend on your style.

If you’d like a more traditional style, grey quartz countertops are a great choice for your kitchen. These colours will give off a timeless look and will match perfectly with black and stainless steel appliances. 

However, if you prefer a more minimalist approach to your interior design, white quartz countertops would be a great selection. These countertops will provide a sleek, simple look, which is ideal for portraying the calm and clutter-free feeling of a minimalist design

Dark blue cabinets

Blue cabinets fit into a number of different styles, from farmhouse to contemporary, and the right countertop pairing can reflect these varied aesthetics.

If you enjoy the coastal look, pairing dark blue cabinets with white porcelain or quartz countertops will give your kitchen or bathroom that fresh, airy seaside look. The dark blue will add a bolder look to the room, while the white will add a nice tonal balance.

However, if you prefer a more muted colour palette, light grey marble or solid surface countertops would pair nicely with dark blue, giving the room a more calm and subdued feeling.

Dark brown cabinets

Dark brown is a very versatile colour that can be paired with many different light colours for varied aesthetics.

For instance, a chocolate brown would pair well with white quartz or porcelain countertops if you prefer a more timeless look. 

This type of colour combination would allow you to switch between aesthetics as you please without needing to make changes to your kitchen’s interior and will add a pleasant, home-like atmosphere to the room.

Dark grey cabinets

Dark grey cabinets pair well with light beige and white countertops, two colour combinations that can be applied to a number of different styles.

For instance, if you select dark grey cabinets with distressed wood, adding light beige countertops to the mix will provide a rustic farmhouse style ideal for country homes. 

Or, if you pair matte dark grey cabinets with plain white countertops, you’ll create a sleek, simple minimalist look. 

Conclusion: How to pair dark cabinets with light countertops

Pairing dark-coloured cabinets with light countertops can be a daunting task, as there are many different colours and styles to choose from. 

Therefore, before making your selection, make sure to consider how the style of your kitchen will match the rest of your home and whether you prefer a darker, moodier vibe over a warmer, cozy feeling in your kitchen.

Make sure to use the above suggestions when deciding on your colour palette and aesthetic for your remodel, and ensure you make your choice based on your personal style and preferences!