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Many third-party applications had featured on the internet Worldwide that help users find an image’s source. Did you know that similar to Google keyword search, users also search for images? It helps them to find locations in case they are traveling. It also helps the users to search a user’s profile pictures if they want to know about the person.

Let’s check Android to know about a similar application.

GETSEARCHAPP.COM REVERSE IMAGE SEARCH: is a website that redirects users to the Apple store for importing Reverse Image Search applications. But, the iOS application will not work if you have an Android mobile. So, there is a different Reverse Image Search application for Android mobile.

Let’s first check about the iOS app supported by The Reverse Image Search application was developed by – appshand. Appshand is on a mission to develop applications for improving the business of its users.

Thus, its Get Search App .Com application also helps find products online. Suppose the user wants to search images of furniture to find out the original shop which initially posted the images online. In that case, users can utilize Reverse Image Search.

You may be wondering if the same features are available with Google Image Search, which also provisioned its icon in the stand-alone search bar and web browsers. But, Reverse Image Search takes a step ahead as it has features of in-depth analysis of Instagram images.

Instagram is a social media platform that shares images and videos instead of text posts. Hence, if an image is posted on Instagram, Get Search App .Com Reverse Image Search finds it easily and focuses on providing results from Instagram if the image is found on the platform and then displays results from other websites. At the same time, Google Image Search is a generic application that displays results based on image size, image content, etc., from all websites. Hence, its results are generic.

Further, Google Image Search may not display accurate results if you are searching for animal pictures. For example, a search for an image of a dog with brown hair color will show results of all the dogs standing in that specific position featuring brown hair. At the same time, the Apk Download Reverse Image Search application uses cutting-edge vision technology to display exact matching images. Yes, though Reverse Image Search gives more than one result, the results are highly accurate in matching your image search criteria.

One of the main advantages of Reverse Image Search is that it tries to find pictures regardless of their modifications. Generally, content creators use freely available images from the internet, change their brightness, flip them horizontally or vertically, and increase their resolution and size to make them unique. Reverse Image Search finds pictures by searching them based on all such modifications.

Hence, Apk Download Reverse Image Search has also made it possible to find images if they are used in memes, where a person’s face is overlapped on cartoons, Etc. Reverse Image Search is free to import, but higher features require purchases that range between $5.99 to $49.99. Reverse Image Search is 50 MB in size. It is available for iOS <13.0 version and macOS <11.0 version. The application is available in English only, and it was rated 4.5/5-stars from 218 user reviews. Evgeniya Yastrebova is the authorized seller of the Reverse Image Search application.


The Reverse Image Search application from Google Play Store is from Think Fr33. The Reverse Image Search Android application has fewer features than the iOS application. It works better with human images containing faces and features reverse image lookup. Reverse Image Search Android application was imported by 1 million+ users and rated 4.2/5-stars by 16.7K+ reviews.

ABOUT GETSEARCHAPP.COM: did not specify any information on its web pages. The home page of contains a link for Apple.

However, its registration information showed a description – “Install Reverse Image Search & Finder and enjoy it on your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Read reviews and compare customer ratings on Android, see screenshots, and learn more about Reverse Image Search & Finder.”

The Legitimacy Of Getsearchapp.Com: was registered in the USA in Tempe city of Arizona province on 15th/January/2023. It was last updated on 18th/May/2023. The Getsearchapp’s registration will expire on 15th/January/2025. gained an average of 62%↑ business, 100%↑ business scores, 10%↓ suspicion, 13%↑ threat, 4%↓ phishing, 13%↑ malware, 1%↓ spam scores, zero↓ Alexa rank, and 1/100↓ Domain Authority. is not blacklisted. It uses a secured and valid HTTPS protocol.

The Features Of Getsearchapp.Com:

The keywords for the website were registered as – Reverse Image Search & Finder/Evgeniya Yastrebova/Utilities/Photo & Video/ios apps/app/app store/app store/iPhone/iPad/iPod touch/itouch/iTunes. Android IP has Low-Domain Validated Certificates(DV-SSL) for the next 33-days. It uses the server serial number 912b084acf0c18a753f6d62e25a75f5a and 4001772137d4e942b8ee76aa3c640ab7 targeting and located in Canada.

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Conclusion: is likely a legitimate website due to its trust, business, low spam and threat scores. However, is a young website with a short life expectancy. Though it was registered to include customer reviews and ratings for the Reverse Image Search application, it gained considerable suspicion scores as no content was included on the website. Therefore, is recommended for experienced internet users.

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Getsearchapp.Com Android – FAQ

1Q. How much are the visitors count for has an average of 62 visitors monthly with a traffic value of $17. Most of the visitors are from Germany(30%), United States(25%), United Kingdom(22%), France(22%), and Romania(1%).

2Q. How is the performance of has a load time of 236 milliseconds, a 94% A-performance grade.

3Q. Who is Getsearchapp’s registrar?

Godaddy is the registrar of

4Q. Who is the ISP of

Fastly Inc. is its ISP.

5Q. Who is the owner of Android?

The identity and contact details of Getsearchapp’s owner were censored using paid privacy services of Domain By Proxy LLC.

6Q. Is the Reverse Image Search application on iOS and Google Play genuine?

Yes. The images uploaded by users are secure on both the application.

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