Are you thinking of starting the consumption of penis envy mushrooms? Then at first, you should have detailed knowledge about this strain. These mushrooms are a famous type of psilocybin-containing mushroom. The main reason why many people are attracted to this type is that they have high potency. They have a phallic shape and look like a penis. As compared to any other type of psilocybin mushrooms they are large and have a thick and wrinkly stem. It also has a bulbous cap that opens up and also separates from the very dense stem.

With variations among various varieties they range from light tan to dark brown based on color, and if the stem of the mushroom has blue bruising then it means that the mushroom has high psilocybin content in it. As compared to other species they are short in height and small, also one of the densest types.

Type of penis envy mushroom –

  1. Trans Envy Mushrooms – this type of mushroom looks similar to the Transkei magic mushroom which has a yellow-white stem and a medium level of thickness. Though these mushrooms are thicker than Transkei magic mushrooms but not a thick as penis envy mushrooms. Trans envy mushrooms have distinctive pallid cap coloration. This variant is less strong than other types.
  • Penis envy sliced mushrooms – this type of penis envy is considered as most effective as other types. The cap of this type of mushroom does not release even if the large crystals are mature which is one of the basic factors for its distinction. The head of this type of mushroom is thicker than other types.

Like any other psychedelic mushroom, penis envy also has physical, emotional, perceptual, psychological, and spiritual side effects. The various side effects caused by the consumption of penis envy mushrooms are –

  • Mystical states like feeling connected to the universe
  • Distortion of space and time
  • Philosophical thoughts
  • Enhancement of colors
  • Hearing colors, seeing sounds (synesthesia)
  • An intense feeling of euphoria and joy

Why buy penis envy mushrooms online?

Though you can buy this type of mushroom from a local dealer it’s not that easy as you think. Below are some reasons that will tell you why you should go for buying it online –

  • Less risk in purchasing – in most countries it is illegal to buy them, and if you are a citizen of that country how will you buy it locally? Though there may be some dealers who will sell it illegally as beginner you cannot find him easily. If in case, you found the dealer what if you get caught purchasing this mushroom? You will be punished for that. So the safest option of buying this mushroom without getting caught is online mode.
  • Extra options available – if you want to buy some other type of strain with this then you can easily buy it online. Locally you will not get so many options to choose from. For example, if the customers demand another type of strain and not this type then you will not be able to buy it. Because a local dealer will keep only those types that are more in demand so that he does not suffer any loss. But this will not happen if you buy online. You have diverse options to choose from.
  • No traveling and no wastage of time – you have to travel to a local dispensary for buying this mushroom. This may waste a lot of your time if the dispensary is not near to your home. But when you think of buying it online you will not waste your time anymore because you don’t have to go anywhere for buying it. You just need to pick up your phone, access the online dispensary, make an order and then they will be delivered at your doorsteps.
  • Various benefits – when you will buy it online you will get various other benefits like discounts, offers, and sometimes freebies too. You will not enjoy this type of benefit if you go to buy it locally from a dealer.

Knowing so much about penis envy mushrooms you may be thinking about how to buy them online? There are online dispensaries where you will find this type of mushroom. But there also you need to choose the right dispensary so that you do not fall into any problem. Now you may be thinking about how to choose the right one without any knowledge of online dispensaries.

Don’t worry here is a trick that will help you to choose the best dispensary. So, before joining any online dispensary you should see the rating of the dispensary and reviews. As reviews are given by those people who are already the customer of one such dispensary it will help you know all the good and bad points of the dispensary, and also it will clear your confusion about whether to choose the dispensary or not.

Buying these mushrooms online will be of great benefit to you because in society many are against its consumption. If you get caught by them while purchasing it then it will have a bad effect on your identity. But online no one can even get a hint that you are consuming this strain. Moreover, if you choose the best dispensary you will get the following benefits –

  • Quality – if you choose the best dispensary you will get the amazing quality of penis envy mushrooms. If you choose any dispensary without reading reviews of the customer there are chances that you will choose the wrong dispensary and then you will have to settle yourself for the less quality of mushrooms.
  • Affordability – you will always get these mushrooms at affordable rates. There are some dispensaries that sell at high rates. So before buying or choosing any dispensary you should compare the rate, quality, and quantity of mushrooms.

Know when you have full knowledge about penis envy mushroom, its type, side-effects, and which is the best source to buy from you should not wait and take the first step so that you can also enjoy consuming it.