If eCommerce was ever on your mind, you are at the right place. You might have come across several products and courses about the field. After all, the business is so vast that there’s always a newbie entering the world now and then. So, it is a little hard to keep up with the standards and make the revenue you are expecting. 

Having said that, it is not that hard unless you know whom to trust and what to do. That is always the problem, right? There is a mammoth of courses and training sessions out there, making it hard to choose the right one. When I first searched for a course like any of you reading this, I’ve come across millions of options. 

I was into marketing for as long as I remember, and so, I have a little idea of how the promotion goes. So, that is not what I’m falling for. Out of nowhere, I started trying Jon Mac’s strategies, and to my surprise, I could see my first $100 revenue day in no time. So, here is my experience with the course and my personal Jon Mac Review

What is Store Formula? 

Before I head to Jon Mac Review, let me first introduce his eCommerce course known as the Store Formula. It is an online education course designed to help people succeed in their eCommerce businesses. This video learning program is entirely unique from the regular eCommerce courses, as it involves in-hand working on dropshipping and Commerce HQ. 

Commerce HQ is Jon’s own eCommerce platform. It is one excellent alternative to the Shopify platform used for the same purpose. Store Formula aims at helping people create their own eCommerce businesses from scratch and establish them as successful empires. The course has step-by-step video descriptions and is updated frequently according to the latest trends. 

In the course, you can learn how to build and maintain up to 6 online stores with the self-sufficient dropshipping system provided by Jon Mac. This course caters to people of all ages. Moreover, it is a great start for novice and budding entrepreneurs dreaming of building their empires. But those familiar with eCommerce and running their businesses also have a lot to learn from here. 

Who is Jon Mac? 

Jon Mac review has a lot to do with the man behind the Store Formula, i.e., Jon Mac. The course walks through his tips and proven methods to run a successful online store. Jon personally describes himself as an influencer, guru, and motivator. Those joining his course are pretty much impressed with the confidence he has in everything he does. 

One thing that attracts most people is that Jon is absolutely aware and sure of whatever he says and does. Having someone like him by their side helped numerous people figure out what their next step is. He is one successful marketing strategist and an entrepreneur himself, who’s been behind several books, courses, and online platforms. 

Jon Mac enjoys a pretty good following on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. His manuscripts like Freedom Formula also talk about effective ways of handling eCommerce. Jon says that he does all this to help his students succeed. That is indeed true! There was a time when I wasn’t sure of anything and had to turn into Jon. He made everything pretty easy! 

What is included in Store Formula? 

Jon Mac review now takes us to what his course deals with. As mentioned above, this online video course is regularly updated to match the current trends. It uses Dropshipping and Commerce HQ to help people make money through its online stores. Store Formula presents different methods to build and run an eCommerce store all by yourself. 

Seems like Jon is giving a hard time to Shopify with his co-founded platform Commerce HQ! Store Formula is presented to the students in different formats that include video recordings, webinars, transcripts, and mp3 recordings. Like I said before, this course runs through the belief that dropshipping is possible from any corner of this world. 

The breakdown of the 4-Week Course 

Here is a simple and quick breakdown of the Store Formula that can help with Jon Mac review. The course is basically divided into a 4-week schedule. 

  • Week 1: Build 

Here, Jon presents around 10 videos discussing how one can open their eCommerce store all by themselves. It also helps set the right mindset needed for running an online store. 

  • Week 2: Select 

There are around 14 modules in week 2. These deal with picking the right product for your eCommerce store. Here, Jon explains how to find the appropriate products using Facebook feeds and different other methods. 

  • Week 3: Launch 

This is an 11-module week that focuses more on the Facebook ads, and the campaigns run there. Here, Jon teaches how to create and run an ad campaign in detailed steps. 

  • Week 4: Outsource 

Here, Jon discusses the importance of having an efficient team to achieve your dreams. He recommends hiring people in areas like customer services, project management, and ad launches. 

Apart from these, some bonus modules can help interact with Jon and clarify their doubts. 

Final Thoughts 

So, here is the overall Jon Mac review, in my personal opinion. Jon is really confident at what he talks and does in these videos. He discusses proven strategies that he’s worked on himself. So, he very well knows what he is doing. I’ve already spent a lot of money on courses like these and really wasn’t making much. But joining Jon Mac’s course made it pretty easy in reaching $1000 revenue day. Within two more weeks from then, I touched the $5000 revenue too! 

The best part is that any one part of the course can reach out to Jon as many times as needed. He eases the breakthroughs and guides people by showing them the next steps needed to continue the pace. Be it his courses, one-on-one sessions, or millionaire challenges, everything is quite interesting and worth the money you invested. Overall, it is an excellent place to start your eCommerce dream.