Now, millions of people are working from home and it’s not easy to offer technical support to customers. At this point, remote desktop support software becomes helpful! No matter how far apart the technical staff and the client, IT support can be delivered effectively. Now, let’s realize the most recommended remote support software, AnyViewer. 

Overview of the free remote support software – AnyViewer

AnyViewer is an overall and trusted remote access and remote support software with an intuitive interface and end-to-end ECC encryption. It offers a considerate access mode for different occasions.

To offer clients or friends occasional technical support with there’s someone to accept your control request, you can use AnyViewer Send remote control request function to access the remote PC and fix issues. To offer regular technical assistance without requiring your clients to be fixed at the seat, you can use the device ID and the security code sent by your clients to control the remote PC. What’s more, if you need to access your own remote computer often, you can set up the to-be-accessed PC in advance and use One-click remote control function in AnyViewer.

Detailed guides: how to use remote support software AnyViewer

As mentioned above, AnyViewer enables you to use different ways to deal with various cases. Now, let’s have a look at the detailed guides. First of all, AnyViewer should be downloaded, installed on both devices, and keep running. 

Method 1. Access via remote control request

To use this way, your clients should be on the other end to accept your request. 

Step 1. Your clients should send the device ID of the PC that needs assistance to you; the device ID is displayed on the main interface of AnyViewer Connect menu. 

Step 2. On your device, log in to an AnyViewer account, go to Connect interface, input the device ID of the remote PC, choose Remote control and click Connect.

Step 3. On the pop-up window, choose the first option and click OK

Step 4. Your clients can receive a message like the following screenshot. Allow should be chosen; otherwise, you won’t be able to connect to the PC. 

Method 2. Access via security code

To offer unattended remote support, choose this way. 

Step 1. Both the device ID and the security code of the remote PC should be sent to you. 

Step 2. Step 2 is as same as the Step 2 in method 1. 

Step 3. On the pop-up window, choose the second option. 

Step 4. Input the security code and click OK. The security code can be a permanent security code set by your client or the temporary security code generated automatically. 

Whether you choose the first way or the second way, you can connect to your client’s computer effectively and then address the technical issues on the remote computer. On the remote session window, AnyViewer controller toolbar is embedded with useful and colorful functions, including chat, file transfer, shortcuts to Task Manager, PC reboot, and so on. AnyViewer also developed iOS and Android versions, enabling you to offer remote support without a PC in handy.


AnyViewer is worth-trying remote support software. To learn more about it, keep reading.

What are the differences between a temporary security code and a security code in AnyViewer?

A temporary security code is created automatically by AnyViewer itself, and it changes every time AnyViewer restarts by default. It’s available to change the settings to make it change every time the software restarts, at the end of each remote connection, or manually.

Security code is a permanent code set by the user from Settings > Unattended > Set my security code. It won’t change after the software restarts, or the connection ends. 

Can AnyViewer connect the PC after you reboot the remote PC?

Yes, after you reboot the remote computer via AnyViewer. You can connect to it again with the aforementioned methods.

Can AnyViewer control multiple computers at the same time?

AnyViewer supports you in controlling two or more computers from one computer at the same time. And it offers you a switch tab to manage multiple remote sessions. What you need to know is that AnyViewer Free plan supports controlling two computers simultaneously; to control more PCs simultaneously, you need to upgrade to Professional or Enterprise.