Fortnite gaming is an online video game developed in 2017 and has been a success since then. It was released in two different game modes, which run on the same game engine and general gameplay. The two game modes are- Fortnite: Save the World and Fortnite: Battle Royale. The former can be played on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, macOS, and PlayStation4, while the latter can be accessed only on Nintendo Switch, iOS devices, and Android support. 

Fortnite online gaming consists of two games, different from each other. However, both the games have a common engine, same graphics, artwork, and mechanism of the game. The games have different platforms to play. These games are very popular amongst youth and have been nominated several times for various gaming awards and also won two of them in the category of a best online game. The two-game modes are namely:

  1. Fortnite: Save the world– It is a video game designed in the form of a player-versus nature game that has the environment in it. It features four different players who come together as a team to achieve success in various common missions. The game has an adventurous storyline where 98% of the population has disappeared, and zombie-like “husks will attach the remaining.” The players play the roles of commanders and take home shelters and collect resources. They search for saving survivors and defense equipment by taking assistance from data stored on the storm. In these missions, players get the reward in the form of many items, including weapons and heroic characters, which help take the player to another level in-game. The game aims to protect the environment from the threat of hazardous creatures.
  2. Fortnite: Battle Royale: It is another game of Fortnite online gaming which includes up to 100 players who may play alone or in squads of 2 or 4 people. It is a player-versus-player game. The gamers are dropped in free air from a “battle bus,” which comes across the game’s map and has no weapons for any support. This support has to be earned on land by search hunt for weapons, resources and have to save themselves from being killed by the attack of rival players.” that crosses the game’s map without any weapons. After completion of one round, the area which is safe is decreased in size due to storm, all the players come in contact with each other and have to avoid attack from the other competitors. This game aims to attack and defend yourself from the attackers and live till the end. After surviving all these hurdles, the player who is alive is the winner. Read more – gamebet123

Similarities between both the games

The two-game modes are different in some forms, including aim, several players, visual display, and few features in common. These include the following given below.

  • The two different games require players to search for resources, including wood, steel, and brick, to build shelter houses. These can further be improvised by adding doors and windows.
  • The material collected to build houses can be updated to improve its durability by playing the game efficiently. These upgrades have to be achieved by the players by completing tasks and facing challenges.
  • The players are supposed to save themselves from husks or enemies by preventing a potential attack on them. If foes or husks attack them, they will be killed, resulting in a losing game. Players who will survive all the attacks, attackers, levels, and challenges will ultimately win the game.
  • Both the games are free to play; however, initially, save the world was paid game. These games can be installed for free on android or iOS devices.
  • The games use V-bucks to monetize the game, and currency can be earned to use in the game for upgrades and weapons. This also helps in purchasing character models and also to buy a battle pass for the player.
  • Awards and rewards inbuilt for and in games help gain experience and help achieve targets during the whole season. These help in making the game more exciting and challenging to play and win.