Feogi:- An online jwellry : We all know that jewelery is the only thing that can convert your simple & plain look into chic & classy. A little piece of jewels for example a pair of small ear rings or just a plain chain can modify your look & will add charm to your outfit. Both men & women love to wear jewels as it enhances their looks, makes them look rich & boosts confidence level. 

In this 21st century where fashion is at its peak we all feel the need to stay updated & shine different in the crowd. But to be honest we do neither we have time to go to the market & nor the seller has that time to give us. I am talking especially about introverts & shy people, who does not really want to leave their comfort zone they really do not like to go & buy something offline. So here is a best option for you all. You can buy gems, pendants, sunglasses, chains, etc. from feogi.  What about the the product quality? Would we get the real product or fake? Is it okay to buy expensive products online? I know all these questions are coming in your mind. Don’t worry I’m going to answer all of the above questions.

What is Feogi?

Answering your 1st question Feogi is a shopping website that sells gems, pendants, chains, rings & sunglasses. This website sells jewellery for both men & women. This website was created on December 23, 2020. This site has a wide variety unique & eye capturing designs that can make you look cool & chic. Their prices are also pocket friendly. 

Is Feogi fraud or Scam?

Absolutely not, as this site is SSL certified. SSL certification is a certificate that is needed to prove its authority. So you can trust this site without any doubt. I know this site is new & its owner’s identity is also not mentioned so it may feel suspicious. But there is no need to think that much as Feogi is trusted by many users & this site has lots of good reviews.

Why only Feogi? There are other websites for buying jewels?

Yes, there are lots of other sites but if you want quality products at an affordable price & with a lifetime warranty then Feogi is the best site. No other website offers the same service as it offers. This site has different varieties at a single place & lots of different designs that can go with every occasion & outfit. 

Some bestsellers from Feogi-

There are lots of different varieties & categories on this website from sunglasses to chains, ear rings to rings, bracelets to chain sets. Let me give you the review of 1 product from all of the above category.

  1. Rings-  To be honest, I really liked the Butterfree ring on this site. It has a beautiful design that shows the balance of flora & fauna. This ring is worth $129.99. It has so many good reviews.
  2. Lightning boltz ear rings price $129.99, butterfly ear cuffs $139.99, Little Hummers $139.99
  3. The elegant drop pendant price $139.99
  4. Savage pendant & chain set $168.99
  5. The Harley cuff its price is $139.99 , Infinity loop its price is $159.99
  6. Herringbone snake chain $ 159.99
  7. On the fly- sunglasses price $179.99
  8. The zux $169.99

Above all mentioned products are the bestsellers of these site & also they are eye catching & affordable. If you are worrying about the quality of the product then there is no need to worry as they offer 100% quality products.

Why to choose Feogi?

  • It’s a featured brand.
  • Your trusted online jewel
  • Express your beauty with their featured collection.
  • They have 14 days return policy.
  • Shipping charges are zero means you don’t have to pay for shipping.
  • Their delivery time is 1 to 2 weeks, but they deliver it before time.
  • They offer worldwide shipping to more than 40+ countries.
  • They offer too much discounts.
  • Want to get 10% discount use code ICE.
  • They claim that they are involved in the process of creation from beginning to the end.
  • They offer a life time warranty, means if your jewellery broke some how you can return it anytime without any problem.
  • They have unique collections.
  • You can buy both men’s & women’s jewellery from the same site.
  • Offers affordable price.
  • It offers different ways to pay.
  • Its users friendly & easy to operate.
  • It claims that it was founded in 2005. They are working in this profession from many years. So they are experts.
  • Luxury that is made for you.


  • Once you have ordered something you can not return it.
  • You will have to wait for the product arrival & then you will have to go through a very long process of return policy.
  • You will have to request a return & will have to wait for approval.
  • A valid reason is needed, if they do not get satisfied by your return reason then you can’t return the product.
  • If your return gets approved then your shipping changes won’t get refunded you will have to pay them.
  • According to me wearing the same jewellery for too long is too boring. But when you have invested your all of money in this then you have to wear it on every occasion. 
  • Official contact no. is missing.
  • Owner’s identity is missing.
  • A little suspicious site.
  • It does not have promotional pages.
  • Its domain age is too small.


Although this site has many good reviews & their art & design are also good but there we get a little insecure about is it fraud or real? We all get a little insecure that this site does not have phone no. to call, owner’s identity is a secret. But it’s up to you if you want to buy product from Feogi or not.