Are you feeling mentally low lately? Do you want to do some activities that will make you feel great? If you want to feel spontaneous and happy, you can do that by doing some activities. To get out of that wave of stress and melancholy, you need to give some time to yourself. Here are some great ideas that will help you brighten up your mood, and you will feel yourself again. Read on!

  • Exercise and Meditation

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. So when you are feeling stressed, get up in the morning and spend some time on exercise and meditation. It will keep your mind calm and will lift your mood. You don’t have to do heavy exercise; just go for a run or get a compact treadmill; it will work too. Some rope jumping will also do. In the case of meditation, just put your mat in your backyard, or you can go to the nearby park and take a deep breath and stretch out.

  • Spend time with Loved ones

When you are feeling low, the best thing to do is to spend some time with your loved ones. Talk to the people you love and spend ample time with them to get out of stress. You can go and sit among your family members. It will instantly lift your mood. You also talk to your friends about the things troubling you. There are chances you might get some solutions. So the next time you feel sad, talk to your friends and family.

  • Eat Healthily

Eating healthy will keep you healthy, and you can feel better. When you get good things into your tummy, you live a better lifestyle, and a new way of living adds happiness. So when you feel low, change your diet and eat healthy and nutritious food. You can munch on fruits and salads and have a balanced diet. You can also have cheat days on the weekend, but try to get only healthy food.

  • Read Something Inspirational

Reading something inspirational is a great idea when you are feeling low. Go for some motivational books with good ideas and thoughts. You can also listen to podcasts and audiobooks if you don’t prefer reading. Spend some time on inspirational content that will motivate you and show you the light. You can go for these; they will instantly relieve tension and stress.

  • See a Funny Movie

The best way to change your melancholy mood and be happy you can go for an entertaining movie session. You can choose a funny genre movie and watch it with a tub of ice cream or popcorn. You can watch some sitcoms or animations. Those movies will calm you down, and you will laugh a lot. Make a folder with a comedy genre, and go for it when you feel low.

  • Do What You Like

You can go for some activities you love to lift your low mood. Doing something you like will make you happy, and you will feel better. The activity can be anything. Go for your hobby or any activity you like. It can be cooking, cycling, writing, painting, or even listening to music. Do whatever makes you feel uplifted and stress-free. Spend a minimum of 1 hour on the activity. If you want to change, then you can, but make sure you don’t lose interest too soon.

  • Go out In The Nature

Nature has the amazing power to heal people. When you go out into nature and sit there, you will feel a change in your mood. The trees, air, and environment around you always have an impact. So go to a better environment with nature around you. You will feel much better and happier. You can do this often. Go for nature’s time at least once every day. You can go in the evening or the morning. See the Sutton or rising sun and understand how everything changes as time passes.


We all go through difficult phases in life. If you feel stuck at one point and there is no happiness, and you feel the darkness around you, go for some dedicated time for yourself. You can also talk to someone; it feels better to share thoughts and ideas. The above-mentioned are some ways you can lift yourself when you feel sad or mentally down.