It’s tempting to purchase a smartphone as soon as it announces its release date in the market. With the latest features, every individual is looking for the best budget buy. One of the primary factors that determine a buyer’s taste for a smartphone brand is the budget.

What is the average price of a good smartphone? How is its performance? Keeping in mind the capability of smartphone buyers, this article concentrates on the best mobile phones under 15000.

Let’s understand the most important factors that determine your smartphone purchase!

What to look for when buying a smartphone under 15000?

With the price range of 15000, there are plenty of smartphones available. However, you have to keep in mind a few factors before you finalize a model.

Take a look at the buying guide-

  1. The overall features of the phone-

This consists of a lot more factors, like the processor and network compatibilities. Almost all phones within 15000 support 4G network. There is a dual sim feature, with an audio jack. When it comes to the processor, it depends on the brand you like. However, processors like Snapdragon and Qualcomm are available on most devices.

Additionally, you must focus on the sound quality of the phone and its screen size. The average screen size of a smartphone these days is 6.2 inches to 6.4inches. Brands offer HD screen quality to improve user experience. When it comes to sound quality, most phones have stereo speakers or a Dolby sound system!

Hence, you must take a look at these basic things, before you decide on one model. A short comparison with other trending models further helps you in getting a better idea of the phone.

  • Camera properties-

If the reason you are buying a new smartphone is because of a good camera, you have to do some research. Nowadays, brands offer camera resolution starting from 48MP. With the range of 15000, you may get a 64MP back camera too. Further, the selfie or front camera resolution is around 16MP or 32MP, depending on the brand. Especially for photography, focusing on the camera megapixel is important!

  • Design and finish-

It’s easier to fall in love with the latest smartphone models due to their design and sleek finish. Nowadays, smartphones are designed light-weighted, keeping in mind the discomfort of heavier models. Plus, you may come across phones with attractive color options too. From matte finish to a glossy back, it’s difficult to turn down these amazing and beautiful colors.

  • Battery performance-

A key part of buying a new smartphone is its battery performance. In addition to that, one must also look if the phone has a fast-charging feature or not. Battery plays the most important role in improving the overall performance of your phone. The best mobile phones under 15000 offer 5000mAh batteries. As a result, it exceeds your battery expectations!

  • The capacity of the phone-

Buyers must concentrate on the capacity or storage options of the phone. Within 15000, you may receive 64GB ROM storage. This option again varies from one brand to another. However, the storage is sufficient, with an expandable memory feature. It allows you to insert an SD card and increase your storage space. Make sure that you check on this feature to avoid phone disturbance!

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With all these features listed above, buyers can now shift to a new smartphone model under 15000. It’s important to focus on wise purchases, and understand the significant buying criteria. This will help you manage your phone better. Further, it will provide a smooth user experience too!