The internet has impacted the world on a large scale. It has asserted dominance over all parts of the world. We ought to learn to maneuver our way into the tech-savvy muddle. The populace has been witness to the transition from streets to screens. The evolution has been exceptional. The physical world has hopped on the online bandwagon. The internet has swayed our life in a transformative direction. It has revolutionized gaming. Online gaming is now a preferred mode. Today, a click or two is enough to get you started and equipped for a game. You can rest assured the internet can get you up to date in less than a minute. Sources of gaming online are available in most parts of the world.

The internet has amplified its latitude to encompass several online games. The immense quantity of information provided makes it easy for the players to understand the game. Games like chess, draughts (also known as checkers), tic-tac-toe have an online presence. Checkers game online is a well-liked board game. It is a rather popular game and is much loved worldwide. The game has a rich heritage since it originated back in 3000 BC and has been prevalent since. In the country of England, checkers is also known by the name draughts. All around the world, the game goes by several alterations. The simplicity of the game makes it enjoyable to play. Checkers game online has one thing in common with the game of chess, the board.

The gameplay of checkers game online is executed on a chequered board. Checkers is essentially a two-player game. Each of the players initiates with 12 components. The components are positioned on the dark-colored squares of the board. The course of the game goes forward when a player successfully captures the opponent’s components. He does so by jumping over them.

Rules of the gameplay

The components used in the play can move diagonally on the dark-colored squares. The light-colored squares are not a part of the checkers game online gameplay. A standard move of the game is moving a component forward in a diagonal pattern, one square at a time. The square has to be vacant. They initially are allowed to move diagonally forward, not backward. If a player lands on a position that can easily capture an opponent component, he must immediately do so. It is possible to capture numerous components in one turn. The gameplay requires you to capture components whenever possible.

On reaching the last row, a piece becomes a king. The advantage of becoming a king allows you to move forward and backward, diagonally. The precedence asserts a power play. It makes the kings more efficient in capturing the opponent components. Although, a player has to wait a turn to practice the move twice.

How to win a checkers online game

The gameplay of the checkers game has four possible endings:

  •  A player with no pieces left with him loses the game.
  • In a situation where a player hits a block (a block entails the inability to move the components in any direction), he loses.
  • In monotonous gameplay where each player has practiced 50 moves, and there is no definite conclusion, the game results into a draw.
  • If the same board arrangement has been replicated thrice, the game ends in a draw (to eliminate the chances of a frame with two components left that won’t derive a result)

Checkers games online can be played with a computer or with a friend. It is played on a device of your choice and in the comfort of your home. The online availability of the game also enables the effective use of strategies. A player can successfully ace an online checkers game by adopting strategies like diagonally doubling up the checkers to restrain them from jumping over, allowing the checkers the freedom to move around the board by establishing them as kings. A player can also try to lure the opponent into a double or triple jump trap and smartly use the side of the board to prevent getting jumped.

Checkers game online is an interactive entertainment medium that connects the people of the world. The online versions of the game offer striking features that enhance the gameplay. The availability of computer difficulties makes the game challenging to the players.

Online games also offer a variety of themes that enhances the overall experience of the gameplay. There are three different sizes of boards available for the players. (8×8, 10×10, or 12×12) The players can experience easy gameplay with options such as show moves, hints, and undo. These options can help a player maneuver and plan the moves when stuck. Checkers game online also offers a tournament-style play to the players. The tournament-style play consists of a force jump option which allows the player to determine the pace of the game and the placement of the board. Another major advantage of checkers game online is the handiness of automatic saves that help the player resume the gameplay as and when desired.

The objective of checkers game online is to win by eliminating all the opponent pieces present on the checkers’ board. The goal is to prevent them from making clever moves that might jeopardize the progress of the gameplay. The player operates the play abiding by the rules of the game.


The popular game of checkers has been thriving for a long time. It is a classic board game that has been a part of numerous childhood memories. The game has evolved into different variations all around the world. The most commonly used alternative for checkers is the name “draughts.” It is a widely recurrent British English name and, checkers is more relevant in American English. The phenomenon that is the checkers game incorporates three different versions of itself. The American checkers, English draughts, international draughts, and the Canadian checkers, to name a few. Checkers game online helps inculcate the historical presence of the game into our day-to-day life.