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Are you aware of the quadruple killing incident held last month? Who is the suspect in this killing? Last month, in November, four girls from Idaho University were killed in an attack while two girls survived the attack. Dylan Mortensen Boyfriend Reddit is now trending as he may have links with this attack that shook the people in the United States. In this post, we will discuss essential facts about this incident. So, keep reading the post.


Before discussing Dylan’s boyfriend, one should know about Dylan Mortensen. She is one of the survivors of the Idaho University quadruple attack of November 13, 2022. Quinn Kelley is her boyfriend and he was the one who reported the attack to the police. He was present at the moment of this attack. Netizens are blaming him to be the suspect in this attack. But, is that true? This news is trending on Reddit and other platforms.


Dylan Mortensen’s boyfriend, Quinn Kelley was present outside the house when the attack took place. He called 911 to inform the officials about this attack. But, here many netizens raised questions that why was he present there and what was he doing. They thought it was a pre-planned attack and Quinn had hands in it. Police stated that he did not have any connection with this attack.

Dylan and Bethany Funky are the survivors who tried to hide in the basement. The other four girls named Kaylee Goncalves, Ethan Chapin, Madison Morgen, and Xana Kernodle were stabbed and died. Idaho Murders had shattered the lives of these four girls and their families.

Disclaimer: All details are collected from online sources. We are personally not blaming anyone.


Quinn was the one who informed the police after calling 911. He was present outside the house. Later, it was found that he was dating one of the survivors of this attack, Dylan Mortensen. People started targetting him and asked police officials to enquire about him. They even blamed the police officials that they have not having interrogated him properly and left him without any investigation. On the other hand, police confirmed that he did not have any connection with the attackers.

Dylan Mortensen Boyfriend Reddit

Parents Background: Quinn

Another reason for blaming Quinn was his family background. His mother’s details are not available online, but details on his father revealed that his father had a criminal background. Jeremy Kelley, Quinn’s father, had been arrested for obscenity last year. He had been charged with several other crimes and had been to jail. Based on this, netizens wanted an in-depth investigation of Quinn. The details of her mother are not revealed on any online platform.

Family Members Of Victims

The family members are disappointed with the investigation by the police team. They feel that the investigation is running quite slowly. The media, news channels, and social media sites like Instagram had given much importance to this case, but as per sources, the police team is not paying attention to providing accurate details on the case and where the investigation had reached. We hope that this case will be solved soon and attackers will be caught.


The audience must have heard about this attack as every social media platform had covered this news. Moreover, if you still need more information on this attack, kindly check the updates on Quadruple Attackhere.

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Tiktok Updates On Quadruple Attack: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How many people were killed in this attack?

Ans. Four young girls were killed in the attack.

Q.2 What were the names of the deceased?

Ans. Madison Morgen, Kaylee Goncalves, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin died in this attack.

Q.3 Who were the survivors of this attack?

Ans. Bethany Funky and Dylan Mortensen tried to save themselves by hiding in a basement.

Q.4 When did this attack take place? 

Ans. This attack took place on November 13, 2022.

Q.5 Who informed the police about this attack?

Ans. Quinn Kelley, the boyfriend of Dylan Mortensen, informed the police as he was present outside the crime scene.

Q.6 Why was Quinn blamed for the attack?

Ans. There were two reasons for blaming Quinn. The first one is that he was present outside the crime scene. Secondly, his father, Jeremy Kelley had a criminal background and had been to jail several times.

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