The good old fashion trick and saying always dictated something along these lines of “if you want to increase your chances of winning, play maximum bets” the truth behind this, however, can be looked at with suspicion, to say the least.

Why would/should you bet the max?

  1. Some machines, especially outdated ones, have a bet max button and are rumored to be geared towards increasing your chances of reward if a maximum bet is placed.
  2. Some slots even contain Jackpots only for maximum bets; hence if you want to try out your luck by going all out, it may just be the answer for you.
  3. There are also free extra spins or bonuses when a maximum bet is placed, at least in some games at certain Casinos.

Why shouldn’t you bet the max?

  1. The result generation is random, so even if you can be rewarded greater for a maximum bet, the actual odds of winning aren’t actually affected.
  2. A maximum bet may just end up with you losing your entire budget at a game of pure chance!
  3. Most of the machines traditionally were said to have been designed to favor maximum bets.

However, the spread of this possibility in the media has led to most of the machines with newer, more modern versions that truly are designed with algorithms to ensure number generation is completely random.

One such sweep to ensure fairness in their machines was carried out by luxurycasino Canada as well.

Why should you bet minimum?

  1. Since the probability of winning is random and fortune based, it gives you a chance to try greater times and decreases the probability of you going home completely empty-handed.
  2. It ensures that your losses are minimized, which is the most fundamental strategy in terms of gambling in casinos, especially if you are on a budget and are not experienced.

Why shouldn’t you bet the minimum?

  1. The probability of winning a jackpot drastically decreases, and you basically only end up losing less money (not actually making any money) per spin.
  2. The actual rewards may be limited and probably will just cover the actual cost of the spin itself, making you no profit except a memory of having a fun time.

These situations are mostly focused on slot machines, as the situation is slightly different when it comes to table games.

A clear-cut effect of maximum bet in terms of table games is seen in craps in the form of “free bets.” The fundamental difference, however, is the actual control you have over the game increases as it isn’t just pure luck but also logic making this method one of the more inefficient ones in terms of increasing your chance at winning (the more efficient ones being sharpening your logical mathematics and statistical skills).

Keeping that in view, a few other points of consideration in regards to maximum bets are:

  • The odds of the games aren’t affected by how much you bet; only the amount you will win differs, so there is no actual probability increase.
  • They are games of strategy and one that can be improved over time with practice, so if you are confident in your skills, you just end up with a crazy payoff for betting the maximum.

In general, the increase in odds by maximum betting may be possible in certain scenarios, but it is minuscule, so it is not a highly safe or recommended risk, especially if you are a newbie.